Top Online Colleges for Education

Top Online Colleges for EducationMany busy individuals looking to balance life and work with their pursuit of a degree choose one of the top online colleges for education. The colleges listed here were selected because they offer prospective students flexibility, competitive tuition rates, and a variety of degree options. Below we describe ten of the leading online colleges to consider for a degree program in education.

Top 10 Best Online Education Degree Programs

By itself, the list below is a concise but concentrated education on virtual academic realms of highest ranking within which to pursue the noble pursuit of imparting knowledge.

1. Grand Canyon University (“GCU”)

Offering online bachelor’s degrees for a decade imparts a premier status as academic pioneer to GCU. Consistent with this impressive history of highly progressive education, GCU conducts real-time online recordation and archiving of conventional classroom instruction. That large scale laudable effort ensures easy, on-demand higher education access that demanding lives of modern matriculates’ would otherwise disable.

Executive Summary

Although it does not facilitate academic requisites for teacher licensing, GCU’s online Master of Arts in Teaching, Teacher Leadership concentration does accelerate careers of certified secondary educators. Advancement into departmental and/or institutional administration is a primary program focus. A close secondary focus is facilitation of National Board Certification.


$687 per credit

2. Ashford University

This Iowa-based academic institution has designs on delivering quality education to all inquiring minds with desiring intentions. Luckily, technology has lent a tremendous helping hand in this macro educational effort. Besides accessibility, AUS’ online Education degree programs feature outstanding flexibility to suit needs of working students with busy schedules. Indeed, completion time can be as brief as nine months.

Executive Summary

Besides a generalized option, ASU offers online Master of Arts in Education degrees in the following specializations:

• Assessment & Measurement
• Child Development
• Culturally Responsive Education
• Curriculum & Instruction
• Distance Learning
• Early Childhood Education
• Education and Public Policy
• Educational Technology Leadership
• English Language Learner
• Higher Education
• Library and Media
• Reading Literacy
• Special Education (non-licensure)
• Teacher Leader
• Teaching and Learning with Technology


$413 per credit

3. Rasmussen College (“RC”)

Since its 1990 beginnings as a business school, RC has undergone major evolution into the modern educational revolution that rules Academia’s online realms. With eight different starting dates per academic year, 24/7 tutoring and technical support, generous credit for life and/or military-related experience, and exponentially expeditious program completion, eager e-learners cannot go wrong at RC.

Executive Summary

The cheapest college on our list, RC offers an online AcceleratED Bachelor’s Degree. This affordable program is designed to provide an educational experience of maximum quality in minimum time. Besides a per-credit tuition rate that is $50 lower than on-campus tuition, AcceleratED students graduate 67 percent faster than their campus-based colleagues, due to an academic tenure of just 18 months. An added bonus is being able to choose between either a Leadership and Administration or Pre-Kindergarten Teaching major.


$260 per credit

4. Liberty University Online (“LUO”)

As both the biggest Christian university in the world and leading pioneer of long-distance education since its 1985 inception, Liberty University has a liberal number of operatives that promote its institutional objectives. Chief among these are and a Training Champions for Christ program. Last but not least is Liberty Online University, its organizational brainchild that brings stimulation and challenges today’s minds by broadening future horizons.

Executive Summary

Via its virtual LOU venue, Liberty University offers the online Education degrees listed below.

Associate of Arts in Education – non-licensure

Bachelor of Science in Education (“B.S.Ed.”) in:

  • Early Childhood Education Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Elementary Education Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Special Education Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Special Education – minor

Master’s of Education (“M.Ed.”) in:

  • Administration and Supervision
  • School Counselor
  • Program Specialist
  • Math Specialist Endorsement
  • Reading Specialist Endorsement
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Elementary Education
  • Early Childhood Education Endorsement
  • Education Law
  • Education Technology and Online Instruction
  • English
  • General Education
  • Gifted Education Endorsement
  • History
  • Leadership
  • Middle Grades Endorsement
  • Special Education

Post-Graduate/Doctoral in:

  • Education Specialist (“Ed.S.”)
  • Doctor of Education (“Ed.D.”)

$340 per credit for undergraduate programs; $490 per credit hour for master’s programs;$520 per credit hour for doctoral programs

The above figures apply to full-time enrollment.

5. UMass Online (“UMO”)

Two overriding UMO special focuses include: 1) encouraging students’ in-class technology engagement and interaction; and, 2) learning the means by which strategic teaching methods often require adjustment to accommodate pupils who are unschooled in technology. As such, even the most technically challenged will be right at home within UMO’s techno-centric academic settings.

Executive Summary

In the context of educating future educators, UMO executes the above-stated instructional efforts via the following online Education degree programs:

Bachelor of Arts in Education (“B.A.Ed”)

  • Children’s Learning and Development Concentration
  • Early Care and Education Concentration

Master of Education (“M.Ed.”) in:

  • Vision Studies (Orientation and Mobility)
  • Vision Studies (Teaching visually impaired students)
  • Vision Studies (Vision Rehabilitation Therapy)
  • Science Education
  • Instructional Design
  • School Counseling
  • Curriculum & Instruction: Autism Studies Option
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Curriculum and Instruction: Science Education Option
  • Educational Administration
  • Reading and Language

$475 per credit

6. Western Governors University (“WGU”)

Being an exception to many educational rules has earned WGU several First Places in the race for academic advancement. For instance, WGU’s founding by governors of 19 states was a historical first for both the nation and for higher education. Indeed, it proved quite portentous.

Being the first online-only post-secondary school to receive four simultaneous regional accreditations gives WGU much credit. Still another first and major milestone for WGU is being the first fully online educational entity accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Association (“NCATE”).

Given its impressive history of scholarly initiations, it comes as no surprise that WGU is highly ranked and well regarded in multiple categories and contexts.

Executive Summary

WGU Online Teachers College offers an extensive variety of Online Teacher Licensure Degrees such as:

Bachelor of Arts in Education with concentrations in:

  • Interdisciplinary Studies – (K-8)
  • Special Education (K-12)
  • Mathematics (5-9 or 5-12)
  • Science (5-9)
  • Science (Chemistry, 5-12)
  • Science (Physics, 5-12)
  • Science (Biological Science, 5-12)
  • Science (Geosciences, 5-12)

Master in Education with Teacher Licensure in:

  • Teaching, Elementary Education (K-8)
  • Teaching, Mathematics (5-9 or 5-12)
  • Teaching, Science (5-9 or 5-12)
  • Teaching, Social Science (5-12)

$2,890 per term

7. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota (“SMUM”)

Established in 1912, SMUM is a private educational institution founded in LaSallian Catholicism that has exploded from its humble roots as a small men’s college into a mecca of educational diversity. Its hard-earned sterling reputation and stature within Academia is quite evident and reflected by many platforms.

A major example is special recognition by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools as a College of Distinction due to exemplary excellence in several key areas of educational quality. SMUM was also highly ranked within Forbes’ 2012 lineup of America’s Best Colleges, Princeton Review’s 2012 listing of Best Midwestern Colleges, and U.S. News & World Report’s 2012 Best National Universities.

Executive Summary

• Master of Arts in Special Education

This online graduate Education degree leads to Special Education teaching licensure and is available in two tracks: Learning Disabilities or Emotional/Behavioral Disorders.

• Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

This program prepares students for upper-level positions in academic, community, and corporate organizational settings. Special program focuses include leadership skills development, ethics, and change management.


$425 to $450 per credit

8. North Central University (“NCU”)

NCU’s creation was inspired by a desire to replace Academia’s deeply entrenched 19th century log systems of instruction with the 21st century virtual format of educational delivery. Borrowing from the Oxford Learning Model, NCU online degrees feature a one-on-one instructional scheme.

Executive Summary

In addition to a Bachelor of Education (“B.Ed.”), the NCU College of Education offers the following Education degrees:

Master of Arts in Education (“M.Ed.”) in 15 different specializations, including:

• Adult Learning and Workforce Education
• Athletic Coaching
• Curriculum and Teaching
• Early Childhood Education
• Educational Leadership
• E-Learning
• English as a Second Language
• General Education
• Global Training and Development
• Instructional Leadership
• International Education
• Leadership in Higher Education
• Organizational Leadership
• PK-12 Principal Leadership
• Special Education
• Sports Management

An Accelerated M.Ed. that takes just one year to earn in either:

• Educational Leadership
• Leadership in Higher Education

Doctoral Education degrees

• Doctor of Education (“Ed.D.”)
• Doctor of Philosophy in Education (“Ph.D.”)


Per-course tuition rates are: $1,250 – B.Ed.; $2,063 – M.Ed.; $2,750 –Ed.D. and Ph.D.

9. Post University (“PU”)

Established in 1890, PU maintains four ground campuses in addition to its own piece of virtual academia. With a main campus in Waterbury, Connecticut, this higher educational institution is well positioned both physically and virtually. Connecticut has the longest and most solid history of educational excellence in America.

Executive Summary

Given its high rankings for Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees and Best Online Graduate Business Degrees by U.S. News & World Reports, future educators may rest assured of being in the right place in :

Master of Education (“M.Ed.”) in:

• Higher Education Administration
• Instructional Design & Technology
• Online Teaching
• Teaching & Learning
• Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (“TESOL”)


Per U.S. News and World Reports, total 2012-2013 tuition and fees at PU were $27,450. For most recent figures, contact the PU Financial Aid Services for Online and Regional Site Students at (800)345-2562.

10. Brandman University (“BU”)

BU was born in 1958 as a college within California’s prestigious Chapman University. Since separating from its former parental institution, BU has grown by leaps and bounds. Despite this exponential growth, BU’s high academic standards have remained a constant. Its high ranking as a 2013 Best Online Graduate Education Program by U.S. News & World Reports proves this.

Executive Summary

BU’s School of Education offers the following online Education degrees:

Bachelor of Arts in Education (“B.Ed.”) in:
• Early Childhood Education

Master of Arts in Education (“M.Ed.”) in:
• Curriculum and Instruction
• Educational Leadership
• Instructional Technology, Leadership and Instructional
• Instructional Technology, Teaching the 21st Century Learner
• Leadership in Early Childhood Education
• Teaching and Learning
• Educational Leadership and Administration – with Preliminary Administrative Services Credential
• Special Education


$583 per credit


Teaching is a much-needed and noble profession and the need for qualified educators continues to grow.  Many quality, and often cheap, opportunities for motivated future teachers exist in these top online colleges for education.

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