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Top Online Colleges for PsychologyIf you have found yourself at our site because you’ve been searching for online colleges for pyschology, rest assured you have come to the right place.

It has been said that “man’s greatest mystery is himself.” Concise and simplistic on its face, this five-word sentence conveys a profound truth. During the course of human history, great strides have been made in areas of  increased knowledge, more precise technology, and irreplaceable inventions. Nevertheless, all these advancements added and multiplied pale in comparison to the complexity of the human minds that created them.

Well-noted French poet and essayist Paul Vallery once posited, “The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best.” Would-be scholars of today are well advised to heed and apply those 19th-century words of wisdom to the 21st century Age of Information. Modern would-be students on a mission to achieve a great psychology education are quite fortunate indeed. Many highly ranked online Psychology degrees exist that provide higher education for future explorers of that infinite inner space known as the human mind.

Top 10 Best Psychology Degree Programs

1. Waldorf College

“College should be the best years of your life” is the stated philosophy of this accredited Iowa-based educational institution. As gestures of sincerity, WC affords its e-learners many unique benefits like remarkably low tuition, no SAT/ACT admission, no scheduled online class sessions, and a one-credit on-site course. The last item is an optional elective consisting of a three-day in-person class session at WC’s main campus or elsewhere near major airport(s) to give online students an opportunity to have a face-to-face instructional experience.

Executive Summary

In accordance with its mission to instill “values of service, community, critical inquiry, and lifelong learning,” WC offers online Psychology degree programs that include:

• Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts, Concentration in Psychology

This 60-credit program imparts a broad knowledge base with enough flexibility to afford the liberty of deeper exploration of any specific subject(s) via advanced study at the bachelor’s level.

• Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

This 120-credit program grooms highly educated, well-rounded professionals via development of critical, interpersonal, ethical, and analytical thinking skills.

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  • $275 per credit
  • $250 per credit for active duty military and reservists

2. Post University

Since its 1890 establishment, PU has striven to maintain a career-driven, student-focused academic culture. In 1996, PU expanded the scope of these efforts exponentially by launching its first online degree program.

Executive Summary

Today, PU is Connecticut’s biggest provider of online-only secondary education. PU also ranks high on the 2013 Best Online Degree Programs listings by U.S. News & World Reports.

• Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (“B.Psy.”)

Students in this PU online Psychology degree program may choose between two applied concentrations: 1) Organizational Studies; or, 2) Human Development, Education, and Health.  A minor in Forensic Psychology is also available.

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  • $550 per credit

3. Walden University

Walden University was founded in 1970 by a pair of educators with a shared vision of creating an academic catalyst of social change and an avenue for working adults to obtain a doctoral degree. Since then, this institutional brainchild of those two courageous teachers has made them very proud.

Executive Summary

The Walden Service Network (“WSU”) is the primary way by which WU fulfills its creators’ passionate desires for social change. WSU is a free Web-based community wherein faculty, staff, alumni, and students collaborate to formulate and disseminate information about social change activities and organizations all over the world. By providing this special public interest platform, Walden has affected an average rate of volunteerism among its grads that is 42 percent higher than the national figure. WU offers the following online Psychology degrees:

  • Bachelors

-B.S. in Psychology
-B.S. in Forensic Psychology

  • Masters

-M.S. in Clinical Psychology
-M.S. in Forensic Psychology

  • Doctoral

-Ph.D. in Psychology

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  • Bachelor’s – $300 per quarter credit
  • Master’s – $470 per quarter credit
  • Doctoral – $495 per quarter credit

4. University of Phoenix

Inspired by a burning desire and a passionate sense of personal commitment to build bridges to higher education for working adults, Dr. John Sperling established UOP in 1976. As such, convenience and scheduling flexibility have characterized all UOP classes from the very beginning. Dr. Sperling’s new school was one of the nation’s first academic facilities to offer night classes at the doctoral level. Today, its creator’s dream remains alive and continues to thrive. Besides an enormous e-learning platform, UOP maintains over 100 campuses and an extensive academic social network known as PhoenixConnect®. The biggest education-based entity of its sort, PhoenixConnect® members number nearly a million UOP faculty, staff, students, and alumni. This vast virtual association allows members to custom-tailor website features to specific personal interests, career goals, and fields of study. Site users may obtain tutoring assistance, professional contacts, and many other benefits via this private intranet.

Executive Summary

UOP offers the following online Psychology degree programs:

• Associate of Arts – Psychology Concentration
• Bachelor of Science in Psychology
• Master of Science in Psychology
• Master of Science in Psychology – Behavioral Health Concentration
• Master of Science in Psychology – Industrial-Organizational Psychology Concentration
• Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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As tuition varies widely, visit to calculate rates for specific program, degree level, and geographical location, or call 866-766-0866.

5. Argosy University

Argosy University credits its current existence to collaborative efforts of three post-secondary educational institutions in divergent academic disciplines. That pioneering trio consisted of the Medical Institute of Minnesota, the University of Sarasota, and the American Schools of Professional Psychology.

Since its initial inception, AU has grown into a national university with campuses all across America. Throughout this exponential expansion, however, AU has maintained consistent focuses on the basic purposes for its creation: providing academic instruction in Business, Education, Health Sciences, and Psychology.

Its Phoenix branch offers and administers all of AU’s online degree programs. Moreover, AU incorporates  its own brand of learning and those of Socrates Distance Learning Technologies Group ®,  a world-renowned innovative e-learning solutions provider.

Executive Summary

Through its College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, AU provides the following online Psychology degree programs:

  • Associate of Arts in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Concentrations in:

-Criminal Justice
-Organizational Psychology
-Substance Abuse
-Human Services
-Advanced Studies
-Child and Adolescent Studies

  • Master of Arts in Psychology in:

-Forensic Psychology
-Industrial Organizational Psychology
-Sport Exercise Psychology

  • Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology

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  • Bachelors – $561 per credit
  • Master’s – $731 per credit
  • Doctoral – $930 per credit

6. Baker College

Baker College was born in 1965 when two private post-secondary educational institutions merged. This union formed to facilitate a mutual mission of both its parties to provide students with practical skills that then-dominant industries demanded. While retaining that original mission, BC has grown to become Michigan’s biggest independent college that now offers over 150 programs at 17 ground campuses and online. In 1996, BC launched its Web-based “college without walls” that currently serves 21,000 of its 35,000 students.

Executive Summary

BC’s Online College offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology to prepare students for a broad range of careers in Psychology, other related fields, and graduate Psychology studies. This B.Ed. is available only in the e-learning environment and adheres to all American Psychological Association Board of Educational Affairs Task Force standards. The basic program objective is helping students develop a foundational level of skills and knowledge in Psychology.

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  • $225 per credit

7. Sacred Heart University

Since its 1965 establishment by the Most Reverend Walter W. Curtis, Bishop of the Diocese of Bridgeport, SHU has grown to become the biggest Catholic university in New England and the nation’s first to have lay staff.

Besides those landmarks, SHU has achieved many other academic milestones. A prime jewel in its educational crown is invitational membership from the Colleges of Distinction, an elite group comprised of just 200 of the country’s post-secondary higher education institutions. That monumental event was due to recognition of SHU’s exemplary vibrancy, student engagement, educational quality, and alumni success rate.

Executive Summary

Princeton Review lists SHU among its 2013 Best 377 Colleges and 2013 Best Business Schools. In addition, the U.S. News & World Report’s annual publication “America’s Best Colleges” ranks SHU among its Best Regional Universities in the North listing. SHU offers the following psychology degree program.

  • Master of Science in Applied Psychology (“MSAP”)

Per program literature, curricular requirements for its MSAP degree are based on a conviction that accomplishment and self-development within diverse careers and industries starts by comprehending human behavior. Besides a generalized track, MSAP students may select one of two career-focused Concentrations that include:

– Industrial-Organizational Psychology

-Community Psychology

Both Concentrations are also available as certificates.

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  • $750 per credit

8. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

CSPP is an accredited, non-profit higher educational institution with a student body in excess of 4,000. Besides the obvious Chicago campus, CSPP maintains campuses in Washington, D.C, two California locations, and Cyberspace.

Executive Summary

In keeping with its long-standing history of educational innovation in Psychology and related disciplines, CSPP applies the Engaged Professional Model of Education (“EPME”) to all its degree programs. EPME is a revolutionary instructional method designed to leverage faculty members’ existing experiences and talents to impart students with clinical training in wide array of settings. CSPP was the first academy of its kind to be nominated for inclusion on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. This distinguished honor was reportedly due to CSPP’s extraordinary and effective efforts in civic management and service.

CSPP offers online graduate Psychology degrees with diverse emphases.

  • Master of Arts in Psychology (“M.Psy.”) in:

* Generalist Concentration
* BCBA Foundation Concentration
* Child and Adolescent Concentration
* International Psychology Concentration
* Operational Leadership Concentration
* Sport and Exercise Psychology Concentration

  • Master of Public Health
  • M.A. in Forensic Psychology – Non-Licensure
  • M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, ARP Track
  • Ph.D. in International Psychology

*Organizations and Systems Concentration
*Trauma Services Concentration

  • Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership
  • Ph.D. in Business Psychology, Consulting Track

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  • Master’s – $982 per credit
  • Doctoral – $1,223 per credit

9. Medaille College

Medaille College is an accredited, private, non-profit academic facility based in New York that has campuses in Rochester, Amherst, and Cyberspace. The Medaille College School of Adult and Graduate Education (“SAGE’) operates and administers all MC online degree programs. This post-secondary school is a noted Adult Education pioneer throughout Academia. Besides being available at its Amherst campus, all online degree programs at MC offer guaranteed registration for any desired class. This advantage is a tacit but powerful testimony of its true institutional commitment to academic advancement access by all.

Executive Summary

At SAGE, full-time students in pursuit of an Master of Arts in Psychology (“M.Psy.”) may complete their journey in just 12 months. This 36-credit graduate Psychology degree program is designed to prepare scholars for entry-level positions and/or graduate-level study in their chosen field. Either a semester-long internship or completion of a final thesis is a mandatory prerequisite for degree conferral. Ph.D.-prone scholars usually choose the latter option.


  • $785 per credit

10. University of the Rockies

Established in 1998, this Colorado-based educational venue has a primary self-stated mission to provide quality learning on a global scale. Substantive content of all UR courses aims toward preparing students to achieve lifetime goals, professional practice entry, public service, and distinguished leadership roles.

Executive Summary

Institutional Core Values revealed on UR’s official website are reducible to four words: 1) Service; 2) Integrity; 3) Excellence; and, 4) Diversity. The last ideal is an especially high and prominent UR priority. More than 40 percent of its student body is of disadvantaged origin. The following psychology degree programs are offered.

  • Master of Arts in Psychology (“M.Psy.”)

This 39-credit program offers Specialization in:

-Business Psychology
-Career Management and Counseling
-Criminology and Justice Studies
-Educational Leadership
-General Psychology
-Health and Wellness
-Mediation and Conflict Resolution
-Mental Health Administration
-Non-Profit Management
-Organizational Leadership
-Sport and Performance Psychology

A minimum grade point average of 3.0 and Comprehensive Exam passage are universal program completion requirements, regardless of specialization.

  • Doctor of Philosophy

This 60-credit Doctor of Philosophy online degree program offers specializations in:

-Business Psychology
-Criminology and Justice Studies
-Educational Leadership
-Health and Wellness Psychology
-Mediation and Conflict Resolution
-Mental Health Administration
-Non-Profit Management
-Organizational Leadership
-Sport and Performance Psychology

A minimum grade point average of 3.0, completion of a comprehensive research dissertation, and in-residence courses are universal requirements for degree conferral, irrespective of specialization.

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  • Master’s – $770 per credit
  • Doctoral – $1,011 per credit

Now that you have been introduced to the top online colleges for psychology, the only thing left to do is to select the school that offers the right program and financial aid combination for you.

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