Top 10 Online Colleges for Business

In both on-campus and online settings, business colleges offer some of the most sought out fields of study. There’s a good reason for this. With a degree in business, you are set up for success in virtually any field – from management and marketing to human resources and healthcare, and the list goes on and on.

Online business degrees are ideal for any busy, working adult. There is no need to commute, no relocation necessary, and you can continue working a full or part-time job while studying for your degree. The best part is, you can study according to your schedule. For example, are you an early riser? More of a night owl? You can hit the (online) books at a time that suits you, your schedule, and the needs of your family.

You just can’t beat the flexibility of attending business colleges online.

When you choose to study online, you can earn the same business degree that you would when enrolled in an on-campus program. In many cases, you can earn your degree in a fraction of the time traditional college courses would take, too. Regardless of if you are pursuing an MBA or a bachelor’s degree, the diploma will require the same number of credit hours and coursework. However, since you set your schedule, you can often complete the course sooner than you expect.

Building a foundation for success requires you to find the top online colleges for business. Once you have, you will enroll in the selected program. Some of the classes you will study when working toward a business degree include business foundations, business communication, statistics, and accounting. If you are trying to earn your online bachelor’s degree, you will study business ethics, business law, human resource management, management theory and practice, managerial economics, organizational behavior, principles of marketing, and finance. To earn an MBA degree online, more extensive coursework is required.

When you seek an online business degree, there are several benefits that on-campus degree programs don’t offer. This includes credit for life and work experience, accessible teachers, manageable schedules, no final exams, short course lengths, and lower tuition costs.

On average, students must log in to their classes two to five times per week. They also must spend between 13 and 20 hours per week on their coursework. Online business courses usually take on one of two class formats. The first is synchronous classes. In this arrangement, all of the students will log in at a set time to interact with one another and the professor. The second type of class format is an asynchronous course. In this arrangement, you can log in independently and complete coursework according to your schedule.

When enrolled in online business courses, you don’t need any advanced tech skills to complete the classes. You do need a computer and internet access. The majority of business colleges make it easy to contact professors and other class members via social networking, email, or phone.

The application process for online business degrees differs based on the school you are applying to. In most cases, the schools require proof of previous education and test scores. It is a good idea to find schools that are accredited since this means they have met the standards for the industry regarding a person’s education.

The career options and salary amounts for students who earn a business degree vary based on the degree they acquired and their intended industry. Some of the most common careers and salary amounts for students with a business degree include the following: IT Project Manager with an average salary expectancy of $95,000; Business Development Manager with an average salary expectancy of $82,500; a Senior Financial Analyst with an expected average salary of $75,500; a Regional Sales Manager with an expected salary of $71,200; and a Media Supervisor with an expected salary of $70,800.

Business degrees are used in virtually every industry and encompass several jobs. In most cases, these positions will allow a person to move up in the company as time passes.

As you begin looking for the right online school for your business degree, you need to make sure you ask plenty of questions to find the program that best meets your goals. For example, what specific classes are required to earn the degree? Does the program allow you to “test drive” the course before enrolling? Can you speak with a professor in the business department? The more information you have, the better equipped you will be to find a school that best suits your needs.

To make the process a little easier, consider the list of the top 10 online business colleges found below. The schools listed here were found by using information on lists published by Niche, Best College Reviews, and US News.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in business but want to avoid an on-campus setting, then you should consider the top online colleges for business.

10. Temple University

When you choose the Fox Online Bachelor of Business program, you have the chance to finish your degree wherever and whenever you choose. The college offers a flat rate tuition schedule, even if you reside somewhere besides the state of Pennsylvania. In other words, you will pay the same amount as in-state students.

The BBA course offers synchronous schedule sessions that you log onto through a web cloud-based conferencing solution. The courses are scheduled in the evenings to provide working adults with the highest level of flexibility possible. The accredited online business college allows you to earn your degree for an affordable price and with a schedule that works for you.

9. University of Wyoming

The College of Business at the University of Wyoming offers students the ability to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration through the Online UW platform. The program is accredited by AACSB International. It is designed to assist students in maximizing their ability and flexibility in the business world. Graduates from UW’s business administration program find prestigious positions throughout government and other industries.

To enroll in the program, students must first apply and receive admittance to the University of Wyoming. They need a 2.50 cumulative GPA and Advanced Business Standing for consideration to the online program. This is considered a top online college for business due to the scheduling flexibility and course options provided.

8. Northeastern University (Boston)

If you are currently a seasoned business professional with the foundational knowledge to hold your own in the field but want to improve your ability, then enrolling in business college is a smart move. Gaining MBA-level expertise is possible when you enroll in the online program at Northeastern University.

When you graduate with a top-ranked MBA degree, you have the foundation to thrive in a global community. Employers all around the globe are searching for professionals with the ability to identify new opportunities, sustain growth, and improve performance. The online business degree offered here can help you achieve all that and more.

7. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide was one of the first colleges to offer distance learning. It became a premier online business college in 1971. Today, this is a private, not-for-profit university that is continuing to raise the bar.

The online business degree program offered here features several start times during the year with 10 graduate terms and 12 undergraduate terms. Each session lasts for nine weeks, with online MBA students having 12-week terms. The school is the ideal option for recent graduates, servicemen and women, working adults, international students, and veterans who require flexibility.

6. Granite State College

The regionally and nationally accredited bachelor’s degree programs offered at Granite State College are specifically designed to help working adults achieve their educational and career goals. Not only is the online business degree program ideal for working adults, but it is also considered the Best Online Program for Veterans according to the U.S. News and World Report.

The program offers the foundational courses to help those in the business community to expand their knowledge and reach new career goals. The courses are flexible, allowing you to finish the classes based on your schedule and availability.

5. Ball State University

When you begin searching for top online colleges for business, you will find Ball State University delivers. It offers both undergraduate and graduate programs to choose from. Students can enroll for a bachelor’s in Business Administration or study to earn their MBA. Each course is designed in a way to provide a quality education that fits your unique schedule. The business programs offered at Ball State routinely rank as some of the top in the nation.

In addition to the courses and flexibility you need, the classes are affordable. You receive a tremendous amount of value for your money, and there are financial resources available if needed.

4. University of Florida

When searching for quality business colleges, the University of Florida should be close to the top of your list. This educational program offers flexibility and customization that eliminates the need to limit your educational goals. At UF, you can enroll in a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration or a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program.

The online business degrees offered here expose students to elite coursework and some of the top professors in the nation under the Warrington College of Business, which is a nationally recognized and accredited institution. When you enroll in the online business degree program, you have access to a broad array of academic courses, which ensure students are prepared for a vast array of business careers.

3. Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers one of the premier business colleges online. Online programs in the business field offered at this school include the following: Business Administration (BA); Business Communication (BA); Business Food Industry Management (BA); Business Global Leadership (BA); Global Logistics Management (BA); Retail Management (BA); Sustainability (BA); Tourism (BA); and Business Data Analytics (BS).

Each of these areas of study is set up to provide students with superior flexibility, allowing them to complete their coursework at a pace that works for them and their particular needs. The application process is straightforward, and there are several start dates for the online programs throughout the year.

2. Colorado State University-Global Campus

There is no question that Colorado State University-Global Campus is one of the top online colleges for business degrees. Their accredited degree programs provide the foundation needed for a successful career in this industry. Here you can enroll in the Business Management bachelor’s program that offers flexible scheduling and affordable tuition.

Unlike other universities, this educational institution only caters to online learners. As a result, the platform is designed to be easy to use and understand – even for those new to the online education environment. In addition to earning your diploma, CSU-Global also provides students with real-world concepts and skills that are relevant to their future careers.

1. University of Massachusetts

The UMass Amherst Isenberg School of Management is a premier business college that can help open a world of new opportunities for you and your career. You can earn your Bachelor of Business Administration here, in a setting that caters to those with a job, family, or other commitment that prevents them from attending classes full-time.

The flexibility offered by online learning allows you to dictate a schedule that works for you. The program is AACSB Accredited and designed to provide real-world skills that will help you advance your career and earn more money.

Earning an online business degree is a smart option for anyone who wants to advance their career while still taking care of their family or working a full-time job. Online programs offer more flexibility regarding scheduling and can help ensure students can handle their workload along with their other responsibilities. The schools here are uniquely designed and highly ranked to meet your business education goals.

Finding the right business colleges online may seem like a challenging task; however, with the list here, you are well on the way to earning the online degree you want and need.


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