Are There Career Counselors for Online CollegeIf you are contemplating enrolling in a flexible distance education program, you may be wondering if there are career counselors for online college programs. This is a very legitimate concern for students who want to meet with a counselor to discuss their career goals and select classes that will help them achieve their goals. One major benefit of attending a community college or a university and visiting the campus regularly is that you know there is a counseling office open during business hours. When you get out of class, you can stop by to meet with your counselor and discuss your progress. When you are attending school online, you may think you do not have this luxury. Here is what you need to know about career counseling services through online colleges.

Counseling Options When You Attend a Distance Learning Program Through a Traditional School

Not all online colleges are operated entirely online. In fact, some of the most reputable traditional colleges have online program options simply to cater to students who work full-time or need flexibility. If you are thinking about taking a distance education program through a higher education institution that has a campus locally, you can take advantage of that campus’ personal and academic counseling services by scheduling a face-to-face appointment.

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The first sit down you have with an academic adviser is usually the longest, and this is why it is best to have an appointment so that you are not rushed. If you are progressing through your program and you have questions about classes or transfer requirements, you may be able to just stop in without an appointment. But all online students enrolled at a college with a campus are eligible to meet with a counselor.

Options for Programs That Are Entirely Online

There are more and more online colleges that are run online and have no local campuses. Sometimes these options are more affordable, and this is a major reason why students will choose an online college. Fortunately, all nationally accredited online colleges offer counseling services to their students. Unfortunately, these sessions will not be available face-to-face. Instead, some schools will offer instant messaging options, counseling over the phone, or email advising options.

If you are planning on taking an online college program, the idea of receiving advice virtually should not be a deal breaker. It is important to discuss course options with a counselor before you register for classes so that you are sure you are progressing towards your goal. Most students will discuss their path with a counselor at least once a year so that they can map out the right route to take.

Just because you are taking your higher education courses online does not mean that you do not have a right to counseling and other student services. Part of the cost of tuition covers the cost to advise students, and you should take full advantage of these services that you are paying for so that you can develop strategies and determine what you want to do.


Dynamic services are available now as new technologies are developed. Be sure to compare the service selection through accredited online colleges before you make any final decisions. Once you find a school with a good reputation and a quality department of Career Counselors for Online College students, you can enroll and register for the right courses.

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