Can I Earn a Communications Degree OnlineAre you looking for an online communications degree program that will prepare you for a job in marketing, journalism, public relations, or advertising? If you would like to have a successful career in an industry where communication is key, a communications degree program can teach you the technical skills that you need to become a professional.

Many employers, from public relations agencies to the highest level corporation in the fastest growing industry, are looking for professionals who can communicate with external customers and internal colleagues. If you must work while you study, there are a variety of online communications programs that are reputable. Read on and learn about distance education programs majoring in communications.

What Types of Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs Exist?

A Bachelor’s degree program that majors in Communications is offered by both Colleges of Arts and Colleges of Sciences. When you take a Bachelor’s degree program, you will build a foundation of knowledge by taking common core courses that are focused on the theories and methods of communications. An online program may not have any face-to-face instruction, but the program does cover a broad range of activities that will help you communicate within an organization and also to the public. You will need to choose between different types of online undergraduate programs, but many institutions offer what is referred to as a multi-disciplinary program. This allows a student to major in more than one discipline so that they are skilled in marketing, technology, customer service, communications, and other components of business that are vital to succeed in a corporate world. If you would like a more broad degree that prepares you for several different occupations in business, this applied communications degree may be ideal for you.

Advancing Your Career With a Master’s Degree in Communications

If you already possess a Bachelor’s degree in Business or Communications, the next step is to earn an advanced degree. There are a variety of different types of Master’s degree programs that prepare students for careers in pubic relations, technical communication, and journalism. With advancements in online distance education technologies, it is possible for students to learn relevance technical information, theory, and practices without stepping foot in a classroom.

Online programs are highly interactive, so that all of the classmates and instructors can stay engaged and challenged. While many assume that a degree in communications must be earned in a face-to-face setting, this is no longer the case with new concentrations and new features for distance educators. The curriculum and the technologies make it possible for communicators to become even more talented so that they can advance and compete in a competitive economy.


When you are comparing all of the different online communications programs that are available today, the key is to apply to an accredited school that has maintained a programmatic credential. Currently, the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications evaluates all programs and sets the standards. If you take the time to narrow down your options so that you choose only programs that are accredited by the ACEJMC, you will have peace of mind in knowing that the quality of the program is parallel to a traditional program. Decide if an online communications degree will offer you the instruction you need to succeed, and take action today.

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