Can You Become a CEO with a Business DegreeIt is certainly possible to become a CEO with a business degree. In fact, students can become a CEO with any degree if they choose. But the fact remains that a business major remains one of the best education options for students whose aspirations are to lead a company.

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What Business Degrees Teach

A business major is a general, all-purpose degree that prepares students for a career in the business world in almost any role. It is nearly ideal to become a CEO with a business degree. These programs cover subjects as varied as finance, accounting, marketing, ethics, leadership, product development, negotiations and more. CEOs need to have at least a basic understanding of all areas of business in order to be successful. These programs teach them about nearly all of these areas, as well as providing other helpful opportunities. For example, some business students start a business while still in school, or work at an internship where they gain hands-on knowledge and experience.

Valuable Networking Opportunities

A business degree offers one particular advantage for aspiring CEOs, and that is networking opportunities. Students in business degree programs will meet professors, other students, current CEOs and other professionals in the field who could be critically important contacts throughout their professional career. Business degree students may find business partners, employees and others who could offer a mutually beneficial relationship during business school. Business students can establish relationships with a mentor who can give them invaluable advice and support as they start off in the business world. Strong networks are always useful for getting a job or starting up a new business.

Different Paths To Take

Graduates with a business degree who want to become a CEO have two basic paths they can take to becoming the person in charge. They can either start their own business or work their way up in an existing company. A business degree is especially useful for the latter method, although it is helpful for the former as well. It is also entirely possible to combine the two methods, by getting experience and money as an employee to then use to start a new business. Aspiring CEOs could purchase an existing business as well. Business courses can also help students identify their strengths and weaknesses to determine if they are equipped to effectively run a startup or would be better off rising to the office of CEO in a more traditional way.

Should Students Get An MBA?

An MBA, short for Master’s of Business Administration, is a graduate degree on the subject of business. It is one of the most popular graduate degrees. Students can apply for MBA programs with a bachelor’s degree in business, although applicants get into business school with undergrad degrees in any subject. In fact, it can be a good idea for students to get a double major or minor in the field in which they want to go into business. As for whether a student should pursue an MBA, the Harvard Business Review outlines how it is important for every student to weigh the costs and benefits of getting an advanced education in business. It is also important to choose an institution that will offer a quality MBA program that meets the needs of an individual student.

There are many advantages to becoming a CEO. It is one of the most prestigious and high-paying positions in society. Students can easily become a CEO with a business degree through a number of different methods.