Do Online Colleges Have Capstone ProjectsSince many accredited universities have adapted their degree-granting programs to flexible, distance learning curricula, prospective students question whether a capstone project is required prior to graduation from these programs. Capstone class projects are usually courses taken toward the end of a student’s degree program that allow them to demonstrate as much of the knowledge and skills that they learned throughout the program. Here are some examples of popular online degree programs that include capstone course projects as part of their distance learning curricula.

Online Master of Business Administration

With the average starting salaries of Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduates reaching $95,000 yearly, many business professionals investigate going back to school for the prestigious credential. Choosing an online MBA program allows them to keep their full time jobs while pursuing their academic goals. However, not all online MBA programs are created equally, and prospective graduate business school students must do their homework before choosing one. Some of the better online MBA programs include capstone courses that feature unique projects for participating students. For example, Temple University’s online MBA program has a capstone course that allows students to develop strategic marketing and management plans for businesses operating in burgeoning industries like alternative energy and technology. Herzing University’s online MBA program also has a capstone course project that is directly related to their students’ chosen concentration areas like accounting, public safety and project management.

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Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Nearly no other discipline in academia lends itself so well to the distance learning format than computer science. Available information technology tools allow instructors to deliver lessons and students to collaborate easily online for undergraduate level computer science coursework. For example, foundational courses like mathematics, core classes pertaining to programming and specialty subjects like cyber security are all conducted online. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree programs like the one produced by the University of Maryland include capstone course projects that allow students to explore current trends and issues within the field of computer science. Students who have joined professional organizations or read the latest journals and other publications relating to their field are typically ready with relevant issues of interest for which to investigate.

Online Master of Science in Accounting

Aspiring public accountants often pursue Master of Science (M.S.) in Accounting degrees to complete the necessary education hours that they need to sit for their state’s certified public accountant (CPA) examination. Additionally, online M.S. in Accounting degree programs allow students to pursue concentration areas of interest, hone fundamental accounting and finance skills and forge valuable networks through university sponsored professional development and career assistance programs. Accounting capstone projects are generally long term research initiatives that allow students to apply their abilities to real world problems in industry. The accounting discipline represents the application of a wide range of skills and knowledge which is often reflected in associated capstone course projects. The capstone course project for Regis University’s online M.S. in Accounting degree program focuses on the support role that accountants play during business planning and strategy development.


A number of online programs have curricula that are just as rigorous as their conventional degree counterparts. The capstone project of a comprehensive online degree program often requires students to use approved research methods, analytical problem solving as well as oral and written communication skills.

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