Do Online Colleges Require iPadsA number of tools are helpful to have when getting started with a distance learning program, and iPads for online college courses can be particularly useful for studying and completing assigned tasks. As the popularity and demand for online courses and degree programs continues to increase, finding the tools that support success will also continue to be essential.

Online Course Formats

Online courses are often the choice for post-secondary students because of the convenient options for completing course work asynchronously and from all types of places. Rather than having to schedule a class for a set time and day, online students are able to work from home, a coffee house, work, and any other location with an internet connection.

In many cases, online courses include discussion forums, online textbooks, learning system platforms, and various other tasks that are completed online. Utilizing everything from tablets to smart phones to laptops can be beneficial for working within an online course.

Benefits of iPads for Online College Coursework

Many college programs for online degree completion will require for students to have an iPad as well. This technology enables students to download textbooks easily, making reference to specific page numbers and sections more convenient for other students and instructors. Another benefit is the ability to participate in discussion forums throughout the week. Online courses are likely to have different requirements for how often a student will need to post within a discussion forum, with the average number of days ranging between four and seven. The larger screen and keyboard size of an iPad in comparison to a smart phone can make this much more convenient for a student.

Additionally, iPads offer the option to download word processing programs and programs to create and read PDF files. These options make completing other assignments possible, and students are able to take a portable tablet with them much more conveniently than other types of technological devices.

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In some cases, iPads are required through online programs, and some online colleges will offer iPads to students as a part of tuition or to rent through the duration of degree completion. Other colleges might recommend having an iPad, and these tablets are typically less expensive than other tools.

Other Tools for Online College Programs

A variety of tools and devices might be essential in order to complete a degree program in the online format. Most often, a desktop or laptop computer will be a necessity, offering more powerful options for everything from storage to types of programs that are available to students. These options are often dependent on what degree program a student is pursuing. Other programs might also require students to have the ability to use video and microphone capabilities, which are also options on iPads and other tablets.


Online courses allow for students to complete degree programs from outside of a traditional campus environment, requiring the use of technology to participate and complete assignments. Utilizing iPads for online college course completion is one example of a required or preferred tool for students to be successful in the distance learning environment at the post-secondary level.

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