How is the Job Outlook for the Psychology FieldPeople who work in the psychology field or who are considering this as a career path may ask, “How is the job outlook for the psychology field?” This is an important question because its answer may help a person hone in on a particular area of practice, such as marital counseling or family therapy. Knowing about the job outlook for the psychology field could also help a person decide whether or not now is the time to pursue an advanced degree or move to a certain area of the country.

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Forecast Job Growth in the Psychology Field

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the psychology field will grow by an estimated 14 percent between 2016 and 2026. This is faster than the average rate of expected growth for all occupations. Counseling jobs are expected to be in especially high demand as people seek help for their mental health conditions and life issues. An aging population and increasing levels of learning, mental and physical disabilities will also fuel some of the growth for psychology jobs.

Growth By Area of Psychology Practice

Another way to look at the job outlook for the psychology field is to examine the areas of practice. Clinical, counseling and school psychologists will have the fastest rate of growth between 2016 and 2026, with an expected rate of growth of 14 percent over that period. Social scientists and social psychologists can expect a growth in jobs of 11 percent. Industrial and organizational psychologists can expect a rate of growth of 8 percent. Other types of psychologists, including hospital and research psychologists, can expect job growth of about 11 percent through 2026.

Job Growth Based on Location and Educational Level

The BLS explains that people who hold a doctoral degree in psychology will have the most opportunities when seeking jobs. This is especially true for people with a specialty in clinical and counseling psychology services. Psychologists with an education specialist degree will also have more job opportunities. Job growth will be most prevalent in metropolitan areas and large cities. Suburbs will also see some growth, especially in places where more schools are being built and more outreach services are provided to veterans and the elderly.

Job Growth By Specialty in Psychology

People who specialize in counseling and therapy services for veterans, the disabled and the elderly will see a faster rate of job growth over the upcoming years. This is due to an aging American population and an increase in disability rates. People who work in rehabilitation psychology, such as drug counseling or therapy for sexual offenders may also find enhanced job prospects between now and 2026. Educational psychologists, especially those who offer services for learning disabilities, developmental disabilities and career planning services will also see their job prospects growing over the upcoming years.


Psychologists work in a wide range of environments, including corporations, schools, hospitals, clinics, counseling centers and more. People of all ages seek the services of psychologists, therapists, counselors and related specialties in the psychology field. People wondering, “How is the job outlook for the psychology field?” can use this information in order to prepare for their futures, plan their educational pathways or decide where to move to upon their graduation with a psychology degree.

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