Do I Have to Install and/or Purchase Special Software to Take Online College ClassesTaking online courses can make it easier to finish your degree without having to quit your job or leave your children unattended. If you are taking college classes online, do you need to buy or install special software for those classes?  The answer to that question is no for almost all classes.

Colleges Make Use Of Standard Software And File Extensions To Conduct Classes

Lectures are usually posted in video formats that almost any computer can read. Powerpoint slides are usually posted as a standard file that can be downloaded to your PC or laptop with ease. If you have trouble viewing a lecture or downloading Powerpoint slides, you can use a public computer or borrow one from a friend that works better. For best results, it is always a good idea to use a computer with a broadband Internet connection. This will avoid the lagging and buffering that can occur with a landline Internet connection.

Message Boards Make Use Of Standard Forum Formats

If you have questions about the material that you are learning or your professor wants to facilitate group discussions, he or she is most likely going to use a simple forum or message board. Anyone who has ever posted a comment after an online article or joined a forum in the past knows how to use this setup already.

It May Be Necessary To Learn How To Use And Access Certain Software Programs

There is a good chance that your school is going to use software that is designed specifically to submit papers, quizzes and other course specific documents. Fortunately, most of these programs are cloud based or otherwise accessible to anyone who has an Internet connection. Instead of installing a program to your hard drive, you will simply log in to the school’s network to access the program that you need.

You May Decide To Install Software To Upgrade Your Computer

For some students, there is nothing better than having the ability to communicate face-to-face with your teachers or fellow classmates. On a computer, this can only be done with a webcam. While many new computers will have webcams installed on them, computers made more than three years ago may not. Therefore, you will need to buy a webcam and install the software for it at your own expense. The good news is that you can purchase a reliable camera and headphones for less than $50.


Going to school via online courses is the convenient way to get your degree. You can take your classes in weeks as opposed to months, you decide when you will do your coursework and you don’t need any special software to fully participate in all of your classes. If you are thinking about going back to school, doing so online is the best way to do it.

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