What are the Best Degree Paths to Get a Work-From-Home JobWhile an increasing number of students are interested in a career that allows them to work from home, the best degree paths to get a work-from-home job vary. This is because many jobs can be done remotely and the best degree to get depends on an individual student’s preference. The degree a student gets should largely reflect their interests and the line of work they wish to go into. There are some degrees, however, that lend themselves best to common areas of remote work, which students with this goal should consider.

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Web Design And Development

Web developers and designers frequently work from home, especially if they choose to freelance or establish their own web design business. These professionals are sought after due to the increasing demand from businesses to have quality websites as part of their digital brand. Their role is to develop and design websites, both the visual look and the functionality underneath. Because only a computer, the right software and a steady Internet connection are required to work in this field, it is not uncommon for web developers to be able to work from home even if they are employed full-time by an employer. With a strong growth rate, good salary and an associate’s degree the only educational requirement to get started, is a good work-at-home job for students who like tech.

What are the Best Degree Paths to Get a Work-From-Home Job

English Or Journalism

Many of the most prominent work-from-home jobs require the ability to write and communicate well. These include careers as a virtual assistant, writer, journalist, blogger and more. That makes an English or journalism degree a good investment for students who want to pursue work-from-home careers. Writers, both freelance and employed, typically are allowed to work from home at least some of the time. They can write web content, books, and other materials. With the decline of print media, most journalists seek jobs working for online news outlets and might be involved in podcasting, which requires good speaking, interviewing and research skills. Virtual assistants do much of the same work as administrative assistants but remotely, usually as a way for employers to save costs or get administrative help even if they cannot afford an in-person assistant.

Business Or Entrepreneurship

Because many work-from-home careers require an individual to become an entrepreneur and start their own business, a degree in business or entrepreneurship is among the best degree paths to get a work-from-home job. A business degree teaches students most of the basics of business, including courses in marketing, accounting, finance, designing new products, management, human resources and more. Entrepreneurship degrees are similar but focus more on starting and growing your own business. There are countless business opportunities to be had on the web, from operating an online storefront to working as a freelancer.


Marketing is another degree that puts graduates in a good position to enjoy a career working from home. Graduates with a marketing degree have several career paths available to them that can be done remotely, including marketing consultants, social media managers, SEO specialists, market research analysts, and others. Because so many people want to start their own businesses, there is considerable work to be found as a marketing consultant, helping these businesses sell their products and services to customers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 6 percent of marketers are self-employed.


Working from home is much more common than it once was, especially in certain industries. Although there are many options, students interested in a career largely spent working from home need to consider the best degree paths to get a work-from-home job.

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