What is the Navy College FundThe Navy College Fund (NCF) is a scholarship opportunity that covers the cost of college tuition for many United States Navy servicemen and women after the completion of their service. The program is offered at the time of enlistment and is combined by service members with the Montgomery G.I. Bill. It is one of the most popular incentives provided by the U.S. Navy as it helps service members meet their higher education goals during or after military service. Read on to learn more about the basics of the Navy College Funds, who qualifies for the program, keeping benefits, and where to learn more!

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Who Qualifies for the NCF?

Contrary to popular belief, not every service member of the U.S Navy can qualify for the Navy College Fund. Because the NCF is funded only by the U.S. Navy (unlike the Montgomery G.I. Bill) the Navy classifier decides who receives the award rather than the recruiter. In order to be considered for a guarantee of benefits and to receive benefits, the service member must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 17-35 years of age
  • Graduate High School with a diploma (No G.E.Ds are accepted)
  • Earn an AFQT score of 50+
  • Qualify for training without prior service
  • Have entered active duty after November 21, 1989
  • Sign on to active duty for 3+ years
  • Enroll in MGIB and agree to pay the required “pay reductions”
  • Receive an Honorable Character of Service.

Does A Person’s NCF Amount Increase?

Benefits remain locked in at the amount a service member’s contract was written for. A service member that enlisted 10 years ago may not receive the same dollar value NCF benefit as someone who enlists tomorrow. This is different than the value of the MGIB program, which does increase annually and is based on the current value of the benefit.

Can NCF Benefits Be Lost?

A service member can lose their NCF benefits. If they Disenroll from the MGIB Program or lose their entitlement to the MGIB Program they will lose access to their NCF benefits as well.

Benefits will be prorated if a service member does not complete their full active duty obligation.

More Information about the Navy College Fund and Other Resources

The United States Navy and all branches of the United States Military make it possible for their potential recruits to better understand the benefits they could receive. There are many websites that explain different aspects of the benefit programs. It is best to read all available information to better understand these benefits and how they can improve the quality of life and education.

Learn more about the Navy College Fund, and the Montgomery G.I. Bill.

To learn about Tuition Assistance through the United States Navy for service members seeking to advance their education while still in active duty service, visit the Military.com page dedicated to the details of the Navy Tuition Assistance Program.

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