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It has been said that “man’s greatest mystery is himself.” Concise and simplistic on its face, this five-word sentence conveys a profound truth. During the course of human history, great strides have been made in areas of  increased knowledge, more precise technology, and irreplaceable inventions. Nevertheless, all these advancements added and multiplied pale in comparison to the complexity of the human minds that created them.

Well-noted French poet and essayist Paul Vallery once posited, “The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best.” Would-be scholars of today are well advised to heed and apply those 19th-century words of wisdom to the 21st century Age of Information. Modern would-be students on a mission to achieve a great psychology education are quite fortunate indeed. Many highly ranked online Psychology degrees exist that provide higher education for future explorers of that infinite inner space known as the human mind.