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College Life Blogs

  • DormDelicious
  • College Fashion
  • Surviving College Life
  • College Info Geek
  • College Cures

Heading off to college, whether it is your first year or you are returning after spending a few years in school, can be stressful, which is why blogs about college life can be extremely beneficial.

Even if you are returning to the same school, you may be in a different dorm with different roommates or you may be renting your first apartment. If it is your first year, you may be worried about what lies ahead, how to get around campus, what your roommates will be like, and how you can fit in. These five blogs about college life can help relieve some of the pressure of heading off to college. They cover topics that range from dorm life to study tips, offering you a better chance to succeed as you work toward your higher education goals.


Moving into a dorm, especially if it is your first time at college, can be challenging. You may be going from a room of your own at home to sharing one with two to four people, all of whom have different attitudes about neatness, decorating style, and organizational habits. DormDelicious offers tips on how to decorate your dorm to make it more attractive and give it your own flair. The blog also offers organizational tips to keep you on track throughout your college life. Blog topics include “11 Roommates You Might Have Your Freshman Year of College,” “The 4 Very Best Cookbooks to Get You Through Your First Year Off Meal Plan” and “Where to Find Back to School Deals.”

College Fashion

The original online fashion and beauty magazine written specifically for college students, College Fashion features fashion and beauty tips as well as sale updates, the latest fashion trends, and style advice for college-age students. All blogs center around fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and trends. The blog was created by Zephyr Basine in her college dorm in 2007 and has grown from her personal fashion blog to a worldwide magazine, written by and for college students. Blog topics include “4 Looks Inspired by Upcoming Movies We’re Dying to See,” “The Experiment Chronicles: Consignment…” and “Underground Trends: Seapunk.”

Surviving College Life

Surviving College Life provides very valuable tips for those returning to school or entering college for the first time. The blog provides tips on getting along with a roommate, living like a poor college student, and make it through your college classes. The blog covers topics like dating, finances, productivity, studying, and health. Some recent blog topics include “Split It: 5 Things You Can Share With Your Roomie,” “Working 101: First Job Basics” and “Real World Roundup: Grocery Shopping Secrets.”

College Info Geek

Many students who go off to college think they can use the same study methods they did in high school. Unfortunately, many find that college study may be much different than high school. Being successful at college takes much more such as drive and ambition. College Info Geek focuses on helping you win at college. The blog is funny and states clearly that they are not your typical college blog. You won’t find tips on how to do your laundry. Instead, they provide study hacks and tactics that can help reduce study time as well as methods to actually change the way you think. The methods provided can improve the ability to make decisions, learn outside of class, and achieve more during your college years and beyond. Blogs like “How to Use Stress to Your Advantage” and “8 Better Ways to Make and Study Flash Cards” can be found at this blog about college life.

College Cures

College Cures is every student’s guide to college and beyond. The blog is funny and convenient, offering tips on almost everything to do with college. The blog covers how to handle college parties as well as dealing with midterms and finals. Topics have included “How to Prepare for an Exam in 3 Days: The Most Effective Methods,” “Slimware: A Simple, Trendy Reminder Not to Overeat” and “How to Keep Your Student Loans from Controlling Your Life.”

Although most colleges offer assistance for students who are entering college for the first time as well as those who are returning who may be concerned about college life, these five blogs about college life provide a fun, interesting and sometimes hilarious view of college that many who have not attended were not aware existed.

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