Conferences for Higher Education Professionals

  • International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence
  • Learning with Innovative Technology Conference
  • Textbook & Academic Authoring Conference
  • Developing KPI’s, Scorecards and Dashboards

Professional conferences are a mainstay across most industries, and the field of higher education is no exception to the rule. Higher education conferences introduce educational professionals in post-secondary fields to some of the most cutting-edge ideas currently available. They provide a way for the dedicated professional to regularly reinforce one’s professional network, stay in touch with new ideas and teaching strategies, and be exposed to working, viable educational models about which they would otherwise have no way of being aware.

There are hundreds of educational conferences held all over the world each year — thousands, if you include conferences for specialized positions. Here are five of the best conferences for higher education professionals to be held in 2017.

International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence

From May 27th to May 30th, NISOD, the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development, will host the International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence in Austin, Texas. This annual conference draws technical and community college educators from around the world, with a powerful emphasis on those who share a passion for education and the overall learning process. In the past, the conference has been widely credited with driving ideas for excellence in education, educational support and community involvement. Teachers, administrators and faculty of all types are in attendance; it is one of the best events for networking among a wide range of professional technical and community college educators in the United States.

Learning with Innovative Technology Conference

This is a young conference; the one to be hosted on June 30th of 2017 in Saratoga Springs, New York will be only be the second annual installment. However, the Learning with Innovative Technology Conference represents a previously underserved aspect of the higher education industry in America: the involvement of new and advanced digital technologies in the learning experience, both inside of the classroom and in the development of new educational strategies. The conference is sponsored by SUNY Empire State College, and by the Saratoga Springs City school district, and it represents an amazing opportunity to meet and interact with highly qualified professionals who are interested in exploring and expanding the educational role of today’s advanced technological hardware and applications.

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SIGUCCS 2017 Annual Conference

From the 1st to the 4th of October in 2017, the Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services will host its annual conference in Seattle, Washington. This widely attended event features professional educators and information technology professionals from across the country, who come together to focus on the support, delivery and administration of information technology services to students and university professionals. At hand is not only the refinement of these services, but also their security, and the security of student and academic information. This is a steadily growing concern in recent years, and is one that many conferences have yet to address; SIGUCCS’ events provide an excellent staging ground for networking with people who have innovative strategies and solutions to offer.

Textbook & Academic Authoring Conference

Every year for the last thirty years, the Textbook & Academic Authors Association has put on the Textbook & Academic Authoring Conference. In 2017, the conference will be held in Providence, Rhode Island on the 9th and 10th of June. Widely advertised as being highly interactive, the conference features authors and aspiring authors of textbooks and other academic materials, such as journal articles. It also features a variety of professionals from both the higher education and academic publishing industries, and is a tremendous opportunity to engage in some professional networking.

Developing KPI’s, Scorecards and Dashboards

Whether you’re talking about primary, secondary or post-secondary educational professionals, everyone in the educational industry depends upon the ability to rate and measure progress. Student progress is of critical importance in evaluating an educational program’s success, but educational strategies and professionals themselves must likewise be rated for their performance. Sponsored by Cliftons Sydney, the Developing KPI’s, Scorecards and Dashboards Workshop will be held in Sydney, Australia on the 10th and 11th of May, 2017. This event will address the escalating global issue of unreliable, outdated, and otherwise invalidated forms of measurement and evaluation which educational systems all over the world still rely upon today.

For More Information

There is a great deal of information available online with regard to useful strategies and methods for the higher education professional. As important as higher education is, those who teach or provide administrative support services within the industry deserve as strong a network as they can possibly put together. Organized lists of conferences and events can be extremely useful in keeping track of relevant dates, noteworthy industry professionals, and social media accounts, which in turn help to keep track of upcoming engagements and give advance notice as to any changes or updates.