Bachelor’s in Psychology Jobs

  • Child Care Worker
  • Psychiatric Technician
  • Human Factors Specialist
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • School or Career Counselor

Few psychology-related jobs are available for those with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. (Most of these are reserved for those with a graduate degree.) Those who want to optimize their chances should: assess what they want, look beyond postings on the internet, utilize their connections and resources around campus, and plan accordingly. Listed below are five of the best careers for those with a bachelor’s in psychology:

1. Child Care Worker

If they are interested in using their degree for more psychology-related work, graduates may want to consider working part-time in a mental health setting. These workers help clients in coping with various types of mental health problems or concerns, but their work is primarily done in more casual settings. If graduates like children and enjoy the idea of working directly in psychology, child care is a viable option. Child care workers can work in daycare centers and after-school programs. If they have the resources, graduates may also want to consider opening up their own child care center.

2. Psychiatric Technician

Another career that provides opportunity for graduates to utilize their degrees is a psychiatric technician. Psychiatric technicians, social work assistants (e.g. case worker), and mental health technicians are all potential career options in the fields of mental health and human services. These people act as apprentices and work under the guidance (and supervision) of a licensed professional (e.g. clinical psychologist). Although psychiatric technicians aren’t licensed, they still work directly with patients helping them with their basic needs and teaching them life skills. They can also be trusted to conduct applied therapy sessions and take on case management responsibilities.

3. Human Factors Specialist

Human factors specialists are more rooted in human engineering than psychology, but they still use their knowledge base in psychology to do well in their work. Human factors specialists attempt to influence people’s behavior in different types of situations by altering designs of products and equipment. They attempt to maximize consumer experience and satisfaction and to provide the safest and most effective products by using principles of psychology. Although the chances of working as a human factors specialist with only a bachelor’s degree in psychology is slim, it is completely possible if graduates work hard and utilize their resources properly.

4. Laboratory Assistant

Those interested in the research aspects of working in psychology may be interested in studying under a psychology professor (with a lab). Laboratory assistants usually work in research and subfields of experimental psychology. Psychology majors usually work a few hours in a lab (or maybe a few different labs), so it would be convenient if they applied for (and accepted) a position already at the university. They could also consider applying for internships in a psychology lab. University psychology programs aren’t they only ones willing to hire laboratory assistants; government agencies and basically any other business that analyzes human behaviors could show interest.

5. School or Career Counselor

Becoming a school or career counselor means that graduates will need to stay updated on education and workforce developments. Since they are helping people who need advice on how to transition to a new career (or something similar), they need to stay informed so they can offer proper guidance to those making the transition. These counselors also help clients develop technical skills, manage their jobs, and other factors associated with career and participating in the workforce. Employment in school or career counseling is expected to grow by eight percent by 2024.


A degree in psychology can help open the doors to many opportunities. While it may not be the ideal degree (by itself) for those planning to stay in the field for a long time, a bachelor’s in psychology could help you land the job of your dreams.

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