5 Great Jobs You Can Get With an Online Degree

Online Degree Jobs

  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • High School Teacher
  • Parole Officer
  • Historic Preservation Specialist
  • Nurse Practitioner

While there are a number of benefits to taking classes online, one of the best might be the sheer number of jobs you can get with an online degree. Students sometimes think that online programs won’t provide them with the same skills that a standard college program will or that getting a degree online will actually hurt their chances of landing a good job, but there are some amazing jobs that you can get after earning an online degree.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Do you love the idea of helping people who cannot help themselves because of their addictions? Becoming a substance abuse counselor once required that you spend years in school and years training in the field, but this is now one of the jobs you can get with an online degree. Counselors often need both an undergrad and a graduate degree, but you can complete both degrees in around six years as a new student. Some programs will even help you get some field training before you graduate.

High School Teacher

Teaching is another of the jobs you can get with an online degree. When you enroll in a teaching program, you can select the grade(s) you want to teach and the subject you want to teach too. You might decide to teach math, science, English or government to high school students. Online education programs require that you do fieldwork in the form of both an observation and a student teaching experience. You can search for those experiences on your own or let the school find one for you. Online students must still pass the background check and any other requirements to get a teaching license in their states.

Parole Officer

Becoming a parole officer is something you can do with a criminal justice degree that you earn online. When the court finds an individual guilty of a crime, the judge can sentence that person to time in jail or prison. If the facility later releases that individual early, a parole officer will need to monitor that person to ensure that he or she follows all the requirements of getting parole, which may include entering rehab, living at a certain address or getting a job.

Historic Preservation Specialist

Several colleges now offer online historic preservation programs that are great for those who love historic architecture. The jobs you can get with an online degree include grant writer for a non-profit organization that renovates historic buildings, a specialist who ensures companies follow the Department of Interior’s standards for rehabilitation and historic building surveyor. Surveyors take photographs of historic structures, speak with the public and create detailed reports to file for protection of that property from the government.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is a professional who performs many of the same jobs and duties as both a nurse and a doctor. These medical professionals can order tests, educate patients on their treatment options, diagnose certain conditions and treat medical problems. U.S. News & World Report included nurse practitioner on its list of the best jobs you can get with a degree from an online school. Though practitioners need a graduate degree, they can work in a number of different medical facilities, including city hospitals, community health offices and urgent care centers.

Getting an online degree helps you develop the same skills and have the same experiences that you would get from a traditional college. The jobs open to these students depend on what they studied, the type of degree they have and their overall experience. Nurse practitioner, parole officer and teacher are just some of the jobs you can get with an online degree.

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