5 Jobs With a Bachelor's in Business Administration

Business Administration Jobs

  • Budget Analyst
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Survey Researcher
  • Financial Officer
  • Human Resources Manager

Holding a Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree provides opportunities to begin a career in various fields. Besides banking and finance, employment is available in areas like manufacturing, human resources, and IT management. These types of jobs may be found within or outside the traditional business world. This means a business administration degree is an attractive option for a person looking to pursue a future with the government or a non-profit organization. Here are five career possibilities for a person with this kind of education.

1. Budget Analyst

A budget analyst helps a business properly allocate its financial resources. This person develops, analyzes, and executes budgets that heighten efficiency and profits. In government and non-profit positions, an analyst uncovers the best way to distribute funds.

In this career, a person works independently while computing and analyzing data so that he or she can prepare a successful budget proposal. This individual must adhere to ethical standards and perform mathematical duties. Since it is necessary to present proposals to management, a budget analyst must have solid communication skills as well.

2. Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist works on behalf of a company or organization to maintain its image. This person creates press releases and other programs that deliver information to the public. In a large company, this individual may supervise a staff and oversee advertising or marketing campaigns. A business degree is important and helps a person understand the best ways to bring success to a company.

This career is expected to grow 6 percent over the next decade. An individual must be prepared to work hard and commit to long hours. Since this person often acts as the face of a company, he or she must be present at most fundraisers and other corporate events.

3. Survey Researcher

Anyone with a background in business who is interested in statistics should consider a career as a survey researcher. While using strong analytical skills, a researcher investigates the income, buying habits, and opinions of various demographics. Most companies rely on research findings to target the correct audiences and to heighten profits.

Survey results can help a business uncover the best way to market a new product or to develop an effective outreach program. Since this individual works with the public, a researcher must possess excellent communication skills. Work can be found within government agencies, advertising firms, and non-profit and political groups. Besides a background in business, experience with psychology is helpful as well.

4. Financial Officer

A finance officer is trained to deal with all monetary aspects of an organization. This person produces reports and is responsible for investment activities and development strategies. Specific duties include establishing budget projections, approving invoices, and maintaining all government documentation required under law.

Depending on the size of the organization, a finance officer may be a vice president or an accounting manager. This job is a crucial part of an organization’s overall financial success, and a degree in business administration provides the education necessary to handle the position.

5. Human Resources Manager

A human resources manager must coordinate a business’s workforce. Duties include hiring, firing, and inter-company relations. Through studying for a degree in business administration, a person learns how to handle staff and make sure the correct employees are recruited for company needs.

From day-to-day, an HR manager is responsible for administering a company’s benefits program. In certain cases, this involves negotiations with service providers. Also, it is necessary for this individual to resolve personal conflicts between staff members.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration allows an individual to pursue a wide variety of career options. Besides conventional management roles, a person with this educational experience can enter professions in the private and public sectors. The above jobs are just a small sample of the possibilities. This path is certainly something that opens many doors to degree holders.

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