Popular MOOCs

  • Cryptography
  • Nutrition and Health: Food Safety
  • Writing for the Web
  • The Science of Happiness
  • Game Design Concepts

Massive open online courses are an alternative for students who want to take classes online, but before you take a look at some of the popular MOOCs in 2016, you might want to learn more about these classes in general. While you won’t have the chance to transfer credits, you will have the chance to study something fun that interests you.


One of the more unique MOOCs that you can take this years is a class on cryptography, which is available through Stanford University. This class looks at some of the most unique creatures in the animal kingdom and some creatures that may or may not exist. The course teaches students how to use the skills they develop in practical applications in the real world. You may learn more about doing research before making a final decision, how to look at empirical data in the right way or how to make key decisions regarding information presented to you.

Nutrition and Health: Food Safety

Have you ever wondered if the food you eat is truly safe? After taking Nutrition and Health: Food Safety, you’ll find answers to all your questions. Available from Wageningen University, this class offers an in-depth look at how pesticides impact foods and the chemicals readily found in some of your favorite foods. It also looks at how toxins can bacteria can reduce the benefits that you get from fresh produce and how you can clean some of those foods before you eat.

Writing for the Web

Millions of people make money writing online, but many people don’t understand exactly how to write online. Reporters and journalists often have a hard time making the transition to web writing because they think all reporting is the same. Web writing requires using shorter sentences, writing headlines that catch the eye and using shorter sentences and paragraphs. Writing for the Web, which is available via Open 2 Study, is one of the most popular MOOCs in 2016 among those who want to make money from their own blogs and articles. It helps you improve your writing and learn how to go over your work with a critical eye.

The Science of Happiness

John Bersin, a contributor for Forbes, found that the number of students enrolled in online classes doubled between 2014 and 2015 and that more than 35 million students took classes online over the course of just a few years. Many of those students take classes that help them do their jobs better like The Science of Happiness from Berkeley. This eight-week long class is one of the most popular MOOCs in 2016 because it looks at the impact that positive thinking has on your thoughts and emotions and how you can use psychological techniques to make others respond positively to you. The course can make you feel happier and better about yourself.

Game Design Concepts

The Canvas Network offers a Game Design Concepts class that is one of the more popular MOOCs in 2016 for those who love video games and wants to design and create their own. It consists of four different modules that you walk you through each step associated with modern day game design. You’ll learn the foundations of game design, the science and art behind those designs and then how designers test and analyze their products. The testing and analyzing module gives you an inside look at what game testers do on the job.

MOOCs let you study everything from religion and sociology to statistics and biology from some of the top colleges in the world. Colleges like Stanford University and Berkeley offer some of the most popular MOOCs in 2016 that you can enroll in for free today.