5 Specializations with a Healthcare Administration Degree

Healthcare Administration Degree Specializations

  • Healthcare Law and Policy
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Patient Advocate
  • Healthcare Financial Management
  • Program Director

The healthcare industry is ever-growing and with more available jobs on the horizon, many college students are turning towards a career specialization with a healthcare administration degree. According to US News, almost 100,000 jobs within the healthcare management fields will be created in the next 5 years. A degree in healthcare administration can open the door to many career opportunities within the healthcare industry. While there are many different paths that can be taken with this degree, the following list will discuss 5 of the most popular healthcare administration degree specializations.

1. Healthcare Law and Policy

In the healthcare world, regulations and policies change rather frequently. These changes require qualified administrators that can understand these regulations and make necessary changes to implement these changes within various settings. This healthcare administration specialization requires courses in applied health care law, and health policy, among others. Students who specialize in this field can work in both private and public sectors of the healthcare industry, helping to both create and execute new or existing laws and policies.

2. Healthcare Informatics

This healthcare administration specialization involves using technology to deliver healthcare and create the link between the ever-evolving technology fields and patient care. Healthcare Informatics is one of the fastest growing specializations within the healthcare administration industry, with technology growing quicker than it ever has before. Students may take courses in healthcare information systems, data analysis, and business intelligence. Careers for this specialization can be found in many different settings, like long term care facilities, hospitals, medical care offices. These jobs can be found working for insurance companies, public health, or residential care.

3. Patient Advocate

One of the biggest issues in the healthcare industry is the relationship between patient and provider. Many patients find it hard to effectively communicate with providers, insurance, and administration regarding their care. This is where someone who specializes as a patient advocate comes in. A patient advocate works directly with patients as their “voice.” This advocate can work in a variety of settings and helps fulfill the needs of the patient in regards to the terms of their care, financial assistance; just to name a few.

4. Healthcare Financial Management

For those interested in healthcare and finances, this could be the field for you. Students may be required to take courses in budgeting, forecasting and finances. Other courses may include accounting or economics. Students who chose this career path will face the ever-changing regulations of the healthcare field. Careers in this field can be found in a variety of settings, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, or public health offices. Additional certificates in this area are available as well, like the Certified Self-Funding Specialist.

5. Program Director

Program directors are responsible for making sure one or more departments within a healthcare setting run smoothly. For example, a program director may be the head of an outpatient clinic, the neurology department, or both. This healthcare administration specialization could require additional courses related to business or management. As a program director, you may work with other program directors to ensure each program works efficiently together for the benefit of a healthcare setting like hospitals or long-term care residences.

For those seeking a degree in healthcare administration, there are many options for career paths by specializing in various areas. The healthcare industry is very diverse and as such, there are many different kinds of careers and many different settings for those careers. This list of 5 specializations with a healthcare administration degree can set you the right path for finding a diverse, necessary career within one of the most necessary job industries in the country.

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