5 Tips for Veterans to Be Successful in Online College

Online College Success Tips for Veterans

  • Manage Your Time
  • Know Your Direction
  • Create a Study Space
  • Work with the Other Students
  • Get Help Early

Veterans are successful in online colleges every day. This is because of their commitment to the curriculum as well as choosing the right college to attend. If you are taking online courses, there are ways for you to be successful.

Manage Your Time

One of the first things you need to do is manage your time effectively. Many online courses don’t have a specific time you have to log in. This is how they differ considerably from taking a course at a campus. This means you have to set time aside for your studies every day. Try logging in at the same time so it becomes habit for you. Otherwise, you could quickly fall behind.

Know Your Direction

Too many people sign up for an online college and fail because they didn’t know what they wanted to do. As a veteran online college should be a step towards your next career. Take the time to figure out what makes you happy. This will help to point you in the right direction. Entrepreneurship is common amongst veterans, but you have to have the drive and commitment to be successful, too.

Create a Study Space

A study space will allow you to have a place where it can be all about academics. If you try and do your online courses as a veteran at the coffee shop, there will be too many interruptions. If you do it at the coffee table in front of the TV, you’re likely going to watch more TV than anything. Instead, find a place where you can go and be alone – someplace that is quiet. This will help you to create a better overall environment for you to focus on the professor’s lessons and the work that needs to be done.

Work with the Other Students

There are going to be other students in the class. Many might be veterans attending online college for the same reasons as you. You can “e-meet” the students in order to learn more about them. This helps to develop some camaraderie that will get you through the tough assignments. It might also be helpful to lean on them simply for encouragement – and this is a two-way street. In some instances, there might also be team assignments. Knowing some of the students will help to make these assignments go much smoother. You need to remember that just because it’s online doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the same benefits as going to a campus.

Get Help Early

If you find that you’re struggling in a specific course, get the help early on. Don’t wait until it’s almost the end of the semester and your final grade is dependent on the final exam. The professor will provide assistance if you request it. You might also want to consider a tutor. No matter what, don’t let pride stand in the way of you being successful with your online college experience.

If you’re going to take online courses as a veteran, you have to be committed. By following a few tips, you can get your degree and have a career after the military.

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