5 Career Settings for MBA Grads

5 Work Environments For Grads With An MBA

  • Offices
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Retail Stores
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Home Offices

There are several possible career settings for MBA grads. A Master’s in Business Administration opens up career opportunities in basically every field and so work environments can vary tremendously, giving grads a lot of choice and flexibility. The following are the most common places holders of this advanced degree find work.

1. Offices

Most MBA graduates are likely to spend their careers working in fairly typical office environments. This is especially true for MBA grads who obtain executive positions at the corporate level in basically any company. The details and exact nature of the office may vary by field, but they typically have many similarities such as cubicles, private offices for management, standard office equipment such as copy machines and personal computers, and more. MBA holders who start their own businesses may also rent office space and therefore spend the majority of their working hours there as well.

2. Manufacturing Plants

Some MBA grads work in manufacturing settings, supervising workers, and looking for ways to improve operations. They also need to keep abreast of new equipment, software, and other technologies that may be of use. Anyone working in a manufacturing plant needs to adhere to safety rules and regulations at all times. This is especially true for managers and executives as they need to set a positive example for everyone else to follow. Working in manufacturing management may prove to be among the more physical career settings for MBA grads, which can be the best choice for the right people.

3. Retail Stores

Some MBAs become managers of retail stores and therefore work on the floor or out of small offices in a large store. This career setting typically involves a lot of time spent on one’s feet and moving around a store. MBAs working in retail management often have far more direct contact with customers than MBAs working in other management or executive positions, so they need to possess excellent customer service and interpersonal skills. They are also less likely to work regular office hours and may have more night and weekend hours.

4. Healthcare Facilities

Effective management is also key at healthcare facilities, where holders of MBAs might work in an administrative capacity according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Healthcare managers are critical for ensuring the effective operation of healthcare practices, doing everything from managing staff to finding ways to increase business, and negotiating with insurance companies. To work in this field, MBAs will typically need additional education in healthcare management, usually as a focus of their MBA or as their undergrad.

5. Home Offices

Many grads with an MBA choose to start their own businesses and often work out of home offices or any remote location with Internet access. This is an option that has become much more conceivable and prevalent thanks to available technology and business opportunities through the Internet. MBAs can build businesses as consultants, creative freelancers, financial professionals, and in many other areas. Their knowledge of a wide variety of business management topics makes them better equipped to run a successful business than most. To maximize productivity, home offices should be located behind a door and be used for business purposes only.

MBA grads are not confined to a single work schedule or type of work environment. Holders of this degree can choose between these and other career settings for MBA grads, although sometimes it simply depends on what job one is able to land.

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