Degrees Offered at Indiana University – Bloomington

Indiana University – Bloomington appears in our ranking of the Top 25 Most Affordable Online Business Graduate Degrees.

Indiana University – Bloomington offers two associate degree programs as well as bachelors and graduate programs. An Associate of Science (AS) in String Instrument Technology program allows students to improve their musical talents as they take courses through the Jacobs School of Music. The other AS program available is in labor studies and takes place online. Students take classes through the university’s School of Social Work as they learn about labor relations and similar subjects.

More than 300 majors are available for students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree. The university has an African American and African Diaspora program that includes a general track and tracks for those who want to also study sociology, history, English or religion. In the community health program, students earn a public health degree as they look at how individual health and different health topics relate to the community as a whole. Two of the university’s bachelor’s programs are available online too: labor relations and nursing. In the nursing program, students can use their fieldwork and past experiences as they finish their studies online.

The university now offers more than 300 majors for graduate students too. Accounting majors can choose from Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Public Accounting (MPA) and Master of Science in Accounting (MPA) programs. They’ll also have access to concentrations such as information systems, financial analysis, assurance risk management and taxation. The MBA program features other concentrations, including marketing and management. Online students in the adult education program learn the basics of working with adults and how adult education differs from other types of education.

Other online degree programs are available for graduate students who have a bachelor’s degree. The College of Arts and Sciences offers a criminal justice and public safety program. It looks at how professionals can protect others and keep them safe. One popular program available from the School of Education is a major in literacy, culture and language education. Students learn how to use the backgrounds of their students as they help them develop better language skills, which will help them communicate through written and verbal means. Other online majors for graduate students include parks and public land management, public affairs, marketing, strategic management and parks and recreation.

About Indiana University – Bloomington

Better known as IU, Indiana University – Bloomington is a public university in Bloomington, Indiana. It also uses the names Indiana and IU Bloomington to separate the campus from the other schools in the IU System. Known as a Public Ivy League, IU offers the same resources and opportunities that Ivy League colleges do but offers more affordable rates. Established in 1820, it is now one of the state’s oldest institutions of higher learning. The Kelly School of Business is home to the nation’s best undergraduate business program, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. U.S. News and World Report added four of the university’s schools and 40 of its graduate programs to its list of the best in the nation. It also ranks as one of the best schools in the nation and the world in addition to the top in the state. Through affiliated campuses and online programs, enrollment at IU Bloomington climbed to more than 33,000 undergrads and more than 10,000 post-graduates in recent years.

Indiana University – Bloomington Accreditation Details

Some of the programs at IU Bloomington that have accreditation include those in dietetics, law, psychology, English language, music, theater, arts, and nursing. In addition to program accreditation, the university also has institutional accreditation, which comes from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). This is the accreditation that allows students to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) when they need financial aid. It also allows IU to accept credits that students earned from other schools.

Indiana University – Bloomington Application Requirements

As IU is a public university, it has a high acceptance rate of nearly 80 percent. Undergrads can use the regular application deadline of February first or the early action deadline of November first, which is non-binding. IU only accepts applications after the beginning of February if there are spots left in the freshman class. Students need to provide transcripts that show they took 34 units of prep classes, including eight semesters of English classes and seven semesters of math classes. The university expects students to take social science, foreign language and life and health science classes too. Both the IU application and the Common Application include an essay requirement of 200 to 400 words. Students must pay the IU application fee and submit an ACT or SAT score also.

Graduate students applying to IU will use the same application unless they apply to the IU Law School, which has a separate application. There is a $70 application fee, though the Kelly School of Business charges different rates based on the programs. Students must write a personal statement, which gives them the chance to discuss problems on their transcripts and their reasons for wanting to attend IU Bloomington. Most programs ask for at least one letter of recommendation too. Those who cannot afford the application fee can ask IU for a fee waiver.

Tuition and Financial Aid

At IU, undergrads pay an average of $10,830 each year for room and board. Indiana residents pay $10,948 in tuition and fees each year. Nonresidents pay a higher rate of $36,512 per year. The rates for online graduate students range from $502.60 per credit hour for residents and $589.32 per credit hour for non-residents. Traditional graduate students pay $10,080 a year for full-time enrollment if they also live in Indiana. Nonresident graduate students pay $30,642 per year.

IU Bloomington students receive financial aid packages based on the need they show on the FAFSA. Undergrads usually qualify for federal loans and grants from the government along with work-study and scholarships. IU graduate students can also take out student loans but only qualify for the government’s unsubsidized loans. Students have the choice of using alternative and PLUS loans too. Graduate students who qualify for work-study and complete an application can get an IU assistantship. These positions come with affordable health insurance as well as tuition stipends. The traditional and online degree programs available at Indiana University – Bloomington all offer financial aid packages for students.

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