Top Online College ClassesOnline learning has become a popular solution in recent years for those seeking to either acquire new skills or earn a degree and many students are searching out the top online college classes available. Convenience is really the driving force behind the trend. Online learning allows you to learn on your own time and at your own pace. You still have a schedule to follow, but you get plenty of support and additional tools such as video presentations and tutorials to make the experience rewarding and productive. Fortunately, the prevalence of online classes means that you have a lot of choices.

Where To Find The Top Online College Classes

Everglades University

Everglades University stresses the importance of interaction during the online learning process. Class schedules, assignments, and lesson plans are posted online for students. Student interaction includes scheduled discussions, live chats, group discussions, and email communication.

Enrollment: 1,039
Popular majors: Alternative medicine, construction management, business administration, applied management, aviation technology
Tuition: Undergraduate Degree Program (123 credit hours): $78,515; Graduate Degree Program tuition (36 credit hours): $23,856
Financial aid: Everglades uses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine financial need. Additional sources such as loans and scholarships are also available.

Northeastern University

Northeastern offers over 66 online programs. Schedules are said to be flexible and instructors are said to be extremely knowledgeable in their particular field of study. Technology and healthcare are the main focus of online programs offered from Northeastern right now. All programs are accredited. Try a free class demo on the school’s website to get an idea of how the program works.

Enrollment: 27,537
Popular majors: Health management, digital media, EMT and paramedic, communications, criminal justice, graphic design
Tuition: $34,485 to $67,250 (Master’s); $26,800 to $29,145 (Associate degree); $53,600 to $54,605 (Bachelor’s)
Financial aid: All financial aid options offered to on-campus students are extended to those taking courses online.

Keiser University

Keiser University offers a wide selection of top online college classes and degree programs, along with two certifications. All online programs have a one-on-one classroom approach to provide personalized instruction. New online classes start each month. This is a major advantage over traditional classroom instruction. Credit transfers are accepted for all online degree programs.

Enrollment: 16,882
Popular majors: Business administration, accounting, criminal justice, heath sciences, accounting, information technology, and legal studies
Tuition: $7,092 (base fee per semester for full-time students)
Financial aid: All services available to traditional students are extended to online students. Entrance counseling is a unique part of the process meant to help students understand their financial obligations. Unsubsidized loans are also available.

Crown College

Crown College is unique in that it is a private Christian college that offers an MBA degree program online. The accredited online program includes a rigorous business curriculum that incorporates elements relevant to student goals. Transfer credits are accepted. It takes about 3-5 years to earn an online degree, but there is an accelerated program available that takes about 2 years.

Enrollment: 1,221
Popular majors: Master of business administration and related courses
Tuition: $470 per credit plus $20 application fee
Financial aid: Loans, grants, and loan entrance counseling are available to all students.

Monroe College

Monroe College’s online program is unique in that it offers students access to all actual campus facilities in New York City, in addition to the usual support for their top online college classes. Students can blend on-campus classes with online classes or earn a degree exclusively online. An online tutoring service is available 24/7. An associate’s degree can be earned in sixteen months.

Enrollment: 7,290
Popular majors: Business, accounting, criminal justice, information technology, social sciences, math, and health
Tuition: Full-time (12-18 credits) $6,024 per semester or $502 per credit; $8,374 when books and other fees are considered.
Financial aid: Grants, scholarships, loans, and various payment options are available to all students.