Can I Enroll in Online College with a GEDIf you have earned a GED and want to further your education, online colleges could be the answer for you. With advances made in modern technology, more and more students are opting for online studies as opposed to going the traditional route on a college campus. Online courses open the door to opportunity for everyone, including those with a GED.

Requirements to Enter Online Colleges

When it comes to admissions in an online college, requirements vary depending upon the school. If you look at Ivy League colleges, you’ll find that your GED will not be enough. For example, Harvard requires a certain GPA and insists that students actually complete three admissions classes before they can even be accepted to this illustrious school.

However, when you begin to study the vast assortment of online colleges, you will find that the majority will accept a GED or other equivalency to a high school diploma, depending on the state where you live. Certain colleges will require U.S. citizenship and a minimum age requirement. Depending on the state where you are attending, you may have certain health requirements that must be fulfilled, even if you are going to complete all of your studies online. It is possible to find a reputable, online college and earn your two or four year degree even if you only have a GED upon entrance. Some colleges may require you to take an entrance exam as a pre-requisite and earn an acceptable score in order to enroll. Other online universities make the admissions process simple and straight forward, making it easy for you to begin pursuing your online degree.

Be Selective When You Choose an Online College

While you may be overjoyed that you can actually be admitted in online courses with a GED, that doesn’t mean you should jump at the first college you find. Do your homework and make sure that you are choosing an institution with a strong reputation. The U.S. Department of Education warms prospective students about the dangers of diploma mills.¬†With the explosion of online schools across the nation, many are simply doling out diplomas without providing students with a rigorous course of study. They’ll take your money, give you a piece of paper saying you’ve completed the program, yet you won’t have the skills necessary to be successful in your field and employers are apt to turn you away, finding your education to be unsatisfactory. As you create a list of potential online colleges, look for those that are accredited and are backed by the Better Business Bureau of America. You can also obtain a list of reputable schools by going to the U.S. Department of Education for a list of recognized, accredited programs.

Your online college should either charge by the course, semester, or credit hours, not one amount for the completed degree. You should have opportunities to interact with your professor, in person if necessary. Look for a physical address and steer clear of any online program that only has a P.O. box. In addition, don’t trust a program that is based on life experience and has minimal coursework. Your online college should be demanding. While you may not be able to gain entrance to every online program with your GED, many online colleges will welcome you.

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