How Can I Become an Online Marketer

The road to becoming an online marketing professional begins with the right skills and interests, then continues with the right education and career focus. Those who want to become successful online marketers will benefit from the advice below.

Preparation for Success

Anyone who wants to excel in the competitive field of marketing will need a personality that is assertive, self-aware and independent. Effective Internet marketing occurs when the marketers behind the scenes have a full understanding of the competition, the target demographics and the products or services. Being passionate about continual improvement, collaborative problem solving and meeting people’s needs is a must.

Marketing effectiveness is also dependent on continual analysis of website traffic trends through standard sources such as Google Analytics. Through analyzing internal traffic and competitor traffic, online marketing professionals will gain the insights needed to adjust and optimize their own campaigns. Online marketers need to be creative with strong writing and communication skills, but they also need to be fluent in math and statistics.

Homeschool Yourself

Online marketers can informally begin their education by teaching themselves about the intricate components of Internet marketing. Due to the fact that most Internet users rely on their smart devices, online marketers must understand how to optimize websites for mobile users. They should also understand the basic principles of graphic design, website development and digital sales funnels. Google’s complex search algorithms are increasingly focusing on quality content, so it’s important to know how to create and present engaging and meaningful information. This can be practiced through posting guest blog articles about digital marketing. Knowledge can be expanded through reading articles, using YouTube and visiting popular self-education resources, such as Coursera, Khan Academy, TED Talks and MIT’s OpenCourseWare website.

Pursue a Degree

Consider going to college because the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that both market researchers and marketing managers need a bachelor’s degree.

The most comprehensive way to become a career minded online marketer is through pursuing a college degree. The ideal major is a marketing degree that specializes in digital or social media marketing. Both of these concepts are rapidly expanding and transforming how companies develop and implement marketing strategies. A degree in digital marketing will prepare graduates to use cutting edge mobile strategies, digital technologies, email marketing campaigns and social media marketing techniques. After graduation, students will know how to make data-based decisions through web analytics, SEO trends, marketing data and business intelligence reports.

Recommended Courses

Those who don’t have the time or resources for a full degree can selectively study certain marketing courses. For example, a class on social computing will examine the most popular social computing applications, which include social network platforms and socially oriented apps. Basic digital environment communication practices will be discussed in this class. A course on enterprise information intelligence will provide an integrated approach to business intelligence gather. Topics will include tactical planning, enterprise process analysis and operational standards. One important class is integrated marketing communications because students must learn to apply their problem solving skills to achieve organizational objectives.


Overall, taking college-level classes will provide the all-inclusive skills and knowledge needed to secure a job in the field of online marketing.

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