What Is an AssistantshipThe assistantship taken by a student who is in school is their opportunity to work closely with a professor pay. They will take on a job in their department that helps them learn, and they will teach classes where appropriate. This article explains the idea of the program, and there is a look at what is important for students who wish to follow this path in school.

What Is an Assistantship?

The program is a work-study that allows student sin graduate programs to teach courses, work with their supervising professor and receive payment at the same time. The student is often given a tuition waiver, and they are paid a stipend in many cases. The programs may become quite broad, and they will do many more things for students that are quite necessary for their success.

Who Needs To Apply?

Any graduate student may apply, and they will be accepted to a teaching position when their application is reviewed. They receive many benefits, but the position is not necessary for all students. There are many students who simply do not have time or the inclination to do a job of that magnitude. They are willing to go to school to receive their degree, but they will not have any energy to do anything else. Those who wish to remain as involved as possible must apply, and they will find the job comes with the perks they need to make it worth their while.

How Long Is the Program?

Every program lasts the duration of the student’s education, and they must ensure they plan to complete school in the amount of years given by the school. Most universities will place a cap on how long their students may remain in school, and the assistant’s program will expire when the student has been in school for too long. Asking the school about the length of each program will give students an idea of how long they must remain there. Someone who cannot complete their degree in the proper amount of time may need to avoid applying at this time.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of the program are a stipend to be paid to the student, a tuition waiver and possible health insurance. The student is given an office to use in the building, and they are allowed freedom to teach their undergraduate classes as they like. Their work will be monitored by the professor who supervises them, but they will learn how to work in a university as a professor does. The professors who run each program will offer quite a lot of feedback, and they will ensure the students understand where they may improve.

Do All Schools Offer the Programs?

There is no guarantee that a school will have the program the student wants. The assistantships that are offered by the university are given based on their budget, and the school may change their budget at any time. Contacting the school in advance will ensure the students have an understanding of what they are getting into.


Each student must have an understanding of which graduate programs will serve them well, and the schools offering proper work-study programs will help graduate students learn to work at that level.

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