What is an Online Completion ProgramAn online completion program is a type of program designed for busy professionals and working students. Unlike traditional online programs that are open to all types of students, these programs are only open to those who took college classes in the past. The online university gives you the opportunity to transfer your older credits into the program to cover some of the requirements you must meet. You then take all other courses online and earn your degree faster.

When you enroll in an online school, you take both general requirements and core program requirements. The general requirements include basic classes on math, life sciences, social sciences and the humanities. After taking those courses, you can take courses relating to your major.

Completion programs operate in a different way. Whether you took a few classes at one school, or you took dozens of classes from two or more colleges, you can submit your transcripts from each school. The online university will determine which of your courses fulfill some of your required courses and transfer your credits into the program. This lets you take fewer classes online to earn your degree.

How Does an Online Completion Program Work?

Completion programs are usually a little different than traditional online programs. instead of taking classes that run for eight weeks to 16 weeks, you may take classes that run for just six weeks. This lets you gain all the information you need regarding the topic you study in a condensed form. Many of these programs operate on a regular schedule as well, which lets you take all your required courses faster and finish your degree in as little as two years. If you enroll in a more traditional program, you’ll take three or more classes each semester.

Can You Get Financial Aid?

A common reason why many students take classes and drop out before finishing their degrees is because they can no longer afford the cost of attending college. As long as you did not default on any loans that you took out in the past, you should qualify for financial aid. The government offers both subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Unsubsidized loans charge interest on your loan from the moment you receive your funds, but subsidized loans do not have any interest charged until you leave school for a period of six months or more. You can qualify for some scholarships or alternative loans as well.

Avoiding Scam Programs

The problem with an online completion program is that there are some schools that prey on students looking to go back to school and earn a degree quickly. Those schools will take your money, help you breeze through classes and give you a degree that is almost worthless in the real world. The Federal Trade Commission recommends that you avoid any school that gives you a lot of credit for real life experience, schools that charge a set for for completing an entire program and schools that do not require you do any real work. Scam schools and diploma mills do not offer as much financial aid as accredited schools do.

If you attended college in the past and always wanted to go back to finish your degree, now is your chance. An online completion program lets you transfer credits into the program and finish your degree online.

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