What is the Distance Education Accrediting CommissionThe Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) is a nonprofit organization that oversees the accreditation of institutions providing distance learning programs. The accreditation provided by the DEAC encompasses all matters that fall under the realm of distance education. Institutions from secondary school through post doctoral programs seek the stamp of approval from this esteemed organization. Read on to learn additional information about this commission and the benefits of participating in a program that has received its accreditation.


The DEAC actually began initially in 1926 as an organization known as the National Home Study Council (NHSC). This body was a trade organization that provided oversight to correspondence schools. These were learning opportunities received through written materials sent in the mail, as back then advancements such as the internet and video courses did not exist. The purpose of this agency was to ensure that such programs provided standards of education and that students were protected from fraud. In 1994, the NHSC changed its name to the Distance Education and Training Council, adopting its current title in 2014.

Security and Transparency

Because of stories you’ve read in the headlines, you may be concerned about the legitimacy and value of some online distance learning programs. That’s understandable, as there have been a number of institutions outed lately for unethical admissions practices or high-pressure recruitment tactics, along with less than stellar degree programs. The idea of spending money to receive a certification or degree that is worthless to employers can be quite scary. By contrast, accreditation by DEAC can provide you with peace of mind that your institution of interest is a legitimate one that offers quality programs. No DEAC accredited school or its distance learning department has been cited for inappropriate actions. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission takes great care and pride in evaluating all of its accredited programs thoroughly. They must pass a number of intensive assessments in order to receive approval.

High Standards

Because DEAC standards to receive accreditation are so high, you can rest assured you will be receiving a quality learning experience. Programs will offer the kinds of courses they advertise, and you can count on receiving instruction from certified experts in their respective fields. Competent, knowledgeable instructors are a necessary component of a DEAC approved program. Surveys of past students demonstrate high satisfaction rates with regard to the learning experience offered at these institutions.

Quality Degree

An institution that has received approval from this commission is no diploma mill. As survey results and statistics demonstrate, DEAC awarded credentials allow students to gain employment, promotions and salary increases. Employers look favorably upon degrees from these institutions, as do transfer programs. You can have confidence that courses taken through a distance learning program with these credentials will likely be accepted should you decide to transfer to another school or to pursue advanced educational opportunities.

So if you are hesitant about pursuing an online or distance education degree, you can rest assured that there are legitimate programs out there. Identifying them is as simple as looking for the Distance Education Accrediting Commission seal of approval when you are researching your educational options.

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