Great Accounting ScholarshipsScholarships for Accounting Majors

  • NSA Scholarship Foundation
  • Paul S Mills Scholarship
  • Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting
  • Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship
  • Frank L. Greenhouse Government Scholarship

The finance industry is growing rapidly, creating more opportunities than ever for accounting degree holders. From corporate accounting to non-profit endeavors, there are more positions than ever that require a degree in accounting – making accounting an especially lucrative major in the twenty-first century.

Because accounting is a popular choice among non-traditional and older students, a wide variety of scholarships exist for students who choose to major in accounting. Here are five great accounting scholarships that you should know about.

NSA Scholarship Foundation

Available to accounting students of the US and Canada, the NSA Scholarship Foundation awards funds ranging from five hundred dollars to more than two thousand. Students attending both two and four-year institutions are eligible to apply and must provide proof of a 3.0 GPA or higher, proof of financial need, and examples of scholastic and community excellence.

Paul S Mills Scholarship

The Paul S Mills scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need to six students majoring in accounting or a related field each year in the amount of line thousand dollars per scholarship. Students enrolled both full and part-time are eligible to apply and must provide both proof of financial need, proof of US citizenship or legal residency, and a personal essay on their goals and the importance of the scholarship to their aims.

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Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting

The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting provides female students with a range of scholarship awards who are majoring in accounting or in a related finance field. Students must provide proof of financial need, a basic understanding of accounting principles, and an outline of their personal and professional goals with steps for how they plan to achieve them.

Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship

The Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship is available to minority students in several fields, including accounting. Both undergraduate and graduate students may apply. The scholarship award totals nine thousand dollars, and students must provide a recommendation from either an academic advisor or a departmental chair to be considered. The scholarship is specifically aimed at students who plan to pursue a career in government.

Frank L. Greenhouse Government Scholarship

Another of the most generous scholarships available, the Frank L. Greenhouse scholarship provides two nine thousand-dollar scholarships each year to students of accounting who perform admirably in their degree programs. Open to both graduate and undergraduate students, the scholarship is available to students who plan to pursue local or state government career options, and are enrolled full-time.

The field of accounting is one of the most lucrative and offers an extraordinarily wide array of career options. It is also one of the easiest fields to enter, as accounting students may begin professional practice with only an associate’s degree. From bookkeeping to nonprofit accounting and tax preparation to corporate accounting, each of these accounting scholarships can assist students in achieving both academic and professional goals – and can lead to greater scholarship and grant funding for advanced studies in accounting in the future.

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