Great Internships for Accounting MajorsAccounting Internships

  • Nonprofit Accounting Internship
  • Tax Accounting Internship
  • Government Accounting Internship
  • Corporate Accounting Internship
  • Forensic Audit Internship

Taking advantage of great internships for accounting majors can have a huge impact on employment opportunities. Internships can be found in businesses ranging from small mom and pop shops to larger businesses and can provide a myriad of accounting-related experiences. Many nonprofits and government agencies also have valuable internship opportunities. Choosing the right accounting internship exposes you to actual accounting operations in a business setting. The Department of Labor estimates that jobs in the accounting and auditing field will grow at a higher rate than other professions.

Nonprofit Accounting Internship

Most nonprofit organizations operate with limited funds and many rely on interns to complete basic business functions. This means you will have real experiences and opportunities for learning. Whether paid or for credit only, being an accounting intern for a nonprofit organization can significantly increase your knowledge of accounting and internal control procedures while also providing much-needed support to the organization.

Tax Accounting Internship

Students with an interest in personal and business tax accounting will find a large number of opportunities for internships. These range from wealth management companies that deal with individual clients to accounting departments of large businesses. The tax accounting intern may research tax code and case law, complete tax returns, or work as a generalist in an accounting office. Specializations within this field include income tax, international investments, and compliance. Exposure to accounting and tax-related software is a big plus for this type of internship.

Government Accounting Internship

Federal, state, and local governments often have robust accounting departments. Similar to nonprofit accounting, government accounting operates with regulations and laws specific to the use of taxpayer dollars and fiscal accountability. Accounting internships may be in the official accounting office or they may be found in programs or departments. Offices that work with grants and contracts often have their own accounting and compliance areas that may provide internship opportunities. The exposure to government accounting processes and principles that will be gained by a government accounting internship will aid the student in better understanding the levels of government and complex operations.

Corporate Accounting Internship

Corporate accounting professionals are responsible for planning, implementing, and documenting an organization’s fiscal plan. Interns can be exposed to long term planning or day to day operations. They may be asked to do such things as research or create presentations related to an acquisition, use accounting software to complete bookkeeping activities, or work with the supervisor in evaluating spending patterns. Depending on the firm, this type of internship can give the student a significant look at the workings of a business finance or accounting office.

Forensic Audit Internship

Forensic accountants are instrumental in compliance and criminal investigations. Working with investigators, they review documents, data, and financial statements to determine if unallowable or illegal activity has occurred by an individual or firm. The Internal Revenue Service and FBI are major employers in this area. An internship in this field will provide a different look at your accounting major.

Regardless of the type of accounting internship you choose, the internship can lead to a job offer or be a resume builder. Always do your best work, show up on time, act professionally, and exhibit a positive attitude. Doing these things will allow you to create a positive impression and stand out when the time comes to consider you for other opportunities after your internship for your accounting major.

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