5 Helpful Apps for Business Majors

Apps for Business Majors

  • Pocket MBA
  • MobileDay
  • Quora
  • Elevatr
  • Which MBA?

Whether you are an undergrad, or you’re working on your MBA, you should download some of the top apps for business majors to your phone or tablet. These apps can help you when preparing for tests, applying for jobs or doing work in school. Some apps can even help you keep track of information that you need in your classes at your fingertips.

Pocket MBA

Shane Strong picked Pocket MBA as one of the best apps for business majors. The app lets you choose the type of content or information you want to look at from subjects like management, marketing and finance. College students will find the app useful because it provides information they can use when working on assignments or preparing projects. The app even comes with some built-in flashcards. You can use those flashcards to test your knowledge prior to a test or as a refresher before taking a professional exam.


One of the best scheduling apps is MobileDay. This app is especially helpful for those who have a lot of appointments and those who link their phones to their computers. MobileDay will access your calendar and provide you with a detailed list of all the appointments and meetings you have that day and in the near future. The app will even remind you of conference calls and assignments that you need to do for school. You can keep track of quizzes, papers, tests and other assignments. This is one of the only apps that will do you well in the professional business world as well as while in school.


MBA and undergrad programs often include assignments that let require you do some research. Quora is a fun app that lets you get help from professionals, common people and even celebrities. It functions similar to the answer sites that you find online but fits right inside your phone. Once you have an account, you can search through the different sections of the site to select the category you want. You then post your question and wait for responses. Quora is particularly great for marketing students who want to find out how people feel about marketing campaigns and what they look for in new products.


For business ideas that you can use in school and in the real world, Elevatr is a good option. This paid app helps you take your business idea and put it to practical use. It functions like a note pad app to help you keep track of your ideas and plans, but you can also use the advice to get useful advice. Once you have an idea in mind, you can use the app to create a model based on that idea. The app can even help guide you through the process of opening your business or writing the business plan that you show investors.

Which MBA?

The Economist created the Which MBA? app as a way to guide students through the process of choosing an MBA program. The publication sent out surveys to more than 20,000 students and asked them simple questions about what they liked and didn’t like about their programs and why they chose their schools. The app lets you pick which factors matter most to you like starting salary and career opportunities. It then shows you the top schools based on your selections.

Whether you enroll in an MBA program, a BBA program or just take some business classes, the right apps can help you with your assignments. The top apps for business majors include those that help you work out business plans, use flashcards and choose a college.

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