5 Jobs With a Master of Public Policy

Master of Public Policy Jobs

  • Politician
  • Lobbyist
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Board, Committee Person
  • Policy Analyst

Those looking to take advantage of their newly earned master of public policy will find many great career options available to them. This graduate degree provides the recipient with an expert-level understanding in all areas of public dealings and policies. With this unique and valuable skillset, holders of the Master’s Degree in Public Policy become indispensable to private businesses, public organizations, and government agencies alike. Here, we review five job opportunities made available by the receipt of this esteemed degree choice.


One of the most direct ways to make a difference and play a pivotal role is by becoming a key representative and policy-maker for the people. The master of public policy is as good as any other major or degree in opening up the career opportunity of becoming a politician. A rise to the forefront via voted-in office is one possibility. Another option lies in working in the background of a political office, performing any number of tasks necessary to support that entity’s objectives. Supporting roles in government offices do not require the outward public persona.


Lobbyists serve as the voice of private industry aimed at the ears of politicians. The public policies enacted by politicians require a great deal of insight and views from all perspectives. Lobbyists on each side of a current issue will therefore lobby, or address the overseeing politician with regards to their particular point of view.

History’s earliest lobbyists, much like those today, met with politicians and lobbied for their cause outside of the actual government chambers that made the rules. This is because the actual process of lobbying is not a formal part of the legislation process, making it an activity excluded from proceedings within.

The College Foundation of North Carolina, in its “Insider Info” publication on political lobbyists, explains the interesting roots of the term “lobbyist” having been derived from the historic act of meeting with politicians in the lobbies outside of statehouses. In any case, the ultimate goal of the lobbyists of past and present is to effectively sway coming legislation in favor of the interests of their employer.

Public Relations Specialist

Many have heard of the term PR, or public relations. Most instances of its popular mention are made with regard to its uses in the worlds of the rich and famous and celebrity. Outside of these areas though, public relations officials must craft and present pieces of information to the public that convey just the right message for their sponsoring party.

Perhaps a soda company has come up with a new flavor that has garnered great interest. Its PR representatives would then go on to properly address the subject with the public. A more difficult task might be faced by the PR personnel of a tax preparation company that just eradicated a popular facet of its software. Likewise, a sports celebrity may need public representation when he decides to change teams. The PR representative here would need to tactfully address the public and his fans on the matter. A master of public policy can throw open the door to this lucrative career.

Board, Committee Person

In many corporations and organizations, there is an overseeing board in charge of the major decisions of that entity. The board will deliberate public and private policy alike for the company. As a member of an organization’s board or committee, you will experience decision-making roles at the highest levels within the company. This will in turn dictate public relations and the overall success of the company going forward. The graduate with a Master’s Degree in Public Policy is a great fit for exactly this kind of role.

Policy Analyst

As previously mentioned, it is a given that all companies and organizations require the services of those fluent in public policy. Beyond just matters of public communications, there is an underlying need for a deeper manufacturing and maintenance of public policies. Deep, administrative goals and philosophies must first be in place in order to give a sense of direction to these communications and dealings at the public level. Cohesion in these areas is the responsibility of the policy analyst and public policy graduate picked for the role.

These are just a few examples of the many careers that become available to those having earned this valuable degree. Many more can be found via popular job-search providers such as CareerBuilder or Indeed. What will you do with your master of public policy?

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