Whether you’ve personally been traumatized by bullies, have intervened on classmates’ behalf, or pioneered bullying prevention programs, anti-bullying scholarships could be a great option for financial aid.

Aggressive, bullying behavior is a major issue negatively affecting the well-being of school-aged children nationwide. The NCES reports that one out of five (20.8 percent) of U.S. students report being bullied. With the rise of social media, the percentage of students affected by cyberbullying has nearly doubled from 18 to 34 percent since 2007.

Research has found that bullying victims are at increased risk for academic problems, addiction, mental illness, and suicide. Stopping the cycle of torment begins with classmates who stand against judging others based on looks, race, disability, and sexual orientation.

The following community-minded scholarships give financial motivation for students to organize anti-bullying projects that silence hate and unkindness.

1. ATG Groundbreaker Leadership Scholarship

Deadline: May 15th

Against the Grain (ATG) Productions is a volunteer-based nonprofit in Dallas that has offered the Groundbreaker Leadership Scholarship for $1,500 annually since 2011. It’s intended for college juniors and graduate students who’ve shown visionary leadership in improving their campus community. Anti-bullying advocates with at least 50 percent Asian heritage and cumulative GPAs above 3.5 can apply by submitting a video presentation of their life-changing work.


ATG Groundbreaker Leadership Scholarship

3839 McKinney Avenue Site 155-213

Dallas, TX 75204

(214) 599-9191


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2. Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover Scholarships

Deadline: February 14th

The Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover Foundation was organized in 2010 to memorialize an active, 11-year-old sixth grader from Springfield, Massachusetts, who committed suicide to escape torment at school. The Foundation awards 15 scholarships for $500 to $1,500 apiece for college-bound high school seniors who’ve started anti-bullying efforts in their school or community. Eligible candidates must pass the MCAS or equivalent, gain admission at accredited U.S. colleges, and hold a minimum 2.5 GPA.


Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover Scholarships

P.O. Box 4316

Springfield, MA 01101

(413) 219-3118


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3. Chely Wright LIKEME Scholarship Program

Deadline: May 31st

Started by an ACM Award-winning country music singer, the Chely Wright LIKEME Scholarship Program gifts $6,500 total annually to 13 exemplary high school seniors who have actively advocated for anti-bullying and LGBTQ inclusion. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students severely affected by bullying can also apply. Eligibility criteria includes pursuing higher education, maintaining a minimum “B-” average, and exhibiting leadership skills through community service.


Chely Wright LIKEME Scholarship Program

P.O. Box 1605

Belton, MO 64012

(816) 974-2907


4. Courtney Lee Gant Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: January 15th

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO) offers the Courtney Lee Grant Memorial Scholarship for $500 to graduating seniors at Stockton High School in Southwest Missouri who are anti-bullying advocates. Preference is given to students with a minimum 2.1 GPA who are pursuing two- or four-year college degrees in fine arts. Applicants must be returned to the school’s counselor with a resume of volunteer experience and essay on the affects of bullying.


Courtney Lee Gant Memorial Scholarship

425 E. Trafficway Street

Springfield, MO 65801

(417) 864-6199


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5. Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

Deadline: March 31st

Established in 1961 to honor activist Marian Davis who died of breast cancer and expanded by Norton S. Putter, the Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund provides up to $10,000 for young adults who are actively working against racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying, and other injustices. Suitable U.S. college undergraduates or graduates can apply by submitting their Student Aid Report (SAR), two recommendation letters, official transcripts, and a maximum 1,000-word essay of their progressive social work.


Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

P.O. Box 7307

New York, NY 10016

(212) 343-1234


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6. Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship Award

Deadline: June 30th

The Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship Award bestows $1,000 each summer to support young adults who’ve found innovative ways to stop online harassment. Online applications are available to any United States citizens or legal residents who are finishing their high school diploma or studying at accredited post-secondary institutions. Selection is primarily based on candidates’ creative, 500-word response to the question: “How has cyberbullying personally affected you?”


Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship Award

2261 Market Street Suite 291

San Francisco, CA 94114

(415) 643-1822


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7. DoSomething.com I Beat Bullying Scholarship

Deadline: February 28th

Featuring over 5.5 million members in 131 countries, DoSomething.com is a global, nonprofit social campaign rewarding positive change with numerous funds, including the $3,000 I Beat Bullying Scholarship. Active volunteers between 13 and 25 years old can apply without an application by simply submitting a photo while holding a sign with their anti-bullying tactic. The Be a STAR Rally Anti-Bullying Game will also reopen soon for $5,000.


DoSomething.com I Beat Bullying Scholarship

19 West 21st Street 8th Floor

New York, NY 10010

(212) 254-2390


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8. Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

Deadline: April 15th

Since 2001, the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes has been presented by Thomas A. Barron LLC for $5,000 to 25 public-spirited advocates who work to improve their schools and communities. Eligible applicants must be between 8 and 18 years old, reside in the United States or Canada, and have led inspiring service, such as anti-bullying, projects in the last year. Recipients also earn a personalized plaque and signed copy of The Hero’s Trail.


Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

P.O. Box 1470

Boulder, CO 80306


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9. Hollister Co. Anti-Bullying Scholarship

Deadline: February 1st

The National Society of High School Scholars Foundation (NSHSS) partnered with Hollister Co. President Fran Horowitz to provide the $2,500 Anti-Bullying Scholarship to graduating high school seniors globally with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Funding is extended to teenagers who’ve persevered despite serious bullying and those who’ve spearheaded anti-bullying campaigns in their schools. The application process involves sending a transcript, teacher recommendation, resume, high-resolution photo, and 500-word personal statement.


Hollister Co. Anti-Bullying Scholarship

1936 N. Druid Hills Road

Atlanta, GA 30319

(404) 235-5500


10. Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Scholarships

Deadline: July 31st

For 50 years, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership has rewarded teenage change makers with three $1,000 college scholarships annually. Anti-bullying advocates who have completed over 250 hours of community service, been HOBY Alumnus, displayed outstanding leadership skills and integrity, been accepted at accredited U.S. colleges, and significantly improved others’ lives can apply. Additional scholarships exist at Florida State University, Marietta College, and Texas Christian University.


Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Scholarships

31255 Cedar Valley Drive Suite 327

Westlake Village, CA 91362

(818) 851-3980


11. IBPA Student Scholarship Program

Deadline: None

The International Bullying Prevention Association (IBPA) hosts its Student Scholarship Program annually to provide two $500 awards for high school seniors or current college students who’ve stood up against bullying. Funding can be used for full-time tuition, housing, or textbooks at any accredited, nonprofit four-year institution in the United States. Online applications are accepted year-round by students with a minimum 2.0 GPA who compose 250-word responses to three anti-bullying questions.


IBPA Student Scholarship Program

P.O. Box 99217

Troy, MI 48099

(800) 929-0397


12. John Trout Anti-Bullying Scholarship

Deadline: May 1st

Recently started by the Class of 1975 under Pamela Olanders’ vigilant activism, William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois, offers the John Trout Anti-Bullying Scholarship for $5,000 to one male and one female senior annually. The fund honors their late classmate who was severely bullied for behavior characteristic of high-functioning autism. Both scholarships are given anonymously with one for a student who’s been bullied and another who’s bravely stopped bullies.


John Trout Anti-Bullying Scholarship

1750 S. Roselle Road

Palatine, IL 60067

(847) 755-2600


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13. Long Island Anti-Bullying Scholarship

Deadline: March 18th

Goldstein & Bashner, a personal injury law firm in Nassau County, offers the Long Island Anti-Bullying Scholarship for $1,000, $700, and $300 each year. It’s intended for graduating public or private high school seniors entering accredited U.S. higher education who have actively promoted bully-free environments. Applications are judged based on candidates’ 500-word essays sharing how they’ve personally helped specific students who were being bullied.


Long Island Anti-Bullying Scholarship

1778 Hempstead Turnpike

East Meadow, NY 11554

(516) 874-0466


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14. Megan Meier Memorial Scholarships

Deadline: November 7th

Encouraging students to “Be the Change,” the Megan Meier Foundation bestows scholarships for $500 to $1,000 for courageous high school seniors across the U.S. who’ve made a positive impact concerning bullying and cyberbullying issues. Eligibility criteria requires enrolling full-time in academics, intending to graduate with a diploma in Spring, holding a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, promoting tolerance of differences in their school community, and submitting at least one faculty recommendation.


Megan Meier Memorial Scholarships

515 Jefferson Street, Suite A

St. Charles, MO 63301

(636) 757-3501


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15. Parentinn Cyberbullying Prevention Scholarship

Deadline: February 28th

Parentinn.com runs the Cyberbullying Prevention Scholarship annually to provide $1,000 via PayPal to students who form the best 600 to 1,000-word essay titled “Why and How to Stop Cyberbullying.” Eligible entrants should be United States citizens or legal residents who are planning to enter an accredited university for undergraduate or post-graduate study. Each submission is judged on 100 percent uniqueness, creativity, and dedication to using positive, anti-bullying strategies.


Parentinn Cyberbullying Prevention Scholarship

214 Black Stallion Road

Ford, KY 40320


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16. Payton’s Project Anti-Bullying Scholarship

Deadline: February 10th

As one of the largest bullying prevention funds, the Payton’s Project Anti-Bullying Scholarship program provides 20 high school seniors with $1,000 for $20,000 total each year. While 18 are reserved for public high schools in Virginia’s Prince William County and Rockingham County, the other two are available nationwide. Interested students should record a five-minute video or write a two-page essay explaining how they’ve experienced or helped “Freeze” bullying.


Payton’s Project Anti-Bullying Scholarship

15000 Graduation Drive

Haymarket, VA 20169

(844) 44-Payton ext. 801


Scholarship Link

17. Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship

Deadline: January 17th

Ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, the Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship is gifted by the Phillips Foundation to six sophomores who are advocating for freedom and American values, including anti-bullying and discrimination, on their university campuses. Suitable applicants must be enrolled full-time at accredited, degree-granting U.S. institutions with at least 30 credits, a minimum 2.5 GPA, active leadership roles, and devotion to good citizenship.


Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship

7811 Montrose Road Suite 100

Potomac, MD 20854

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18. Secret Mean Stinks Scholarship Fund

Deadline: December 14th

Sponsored by Procter & Gamble, Secret Deodorant established the Mean Stinks Scholarship Fund because “Niceness Pays” by giving three young women $10,000 each for college. High school seniors and college undergraduates who are at least 17 years old could apply by sharing how they’re helping make school communities bully-free. Sponsor-selected judges will review each essay based on organization, logic, grammar, leadership, and support for fighting girl-to-girl bullying.


Secret Mean Stinks Scholarship Fund

1 P&G Plaza

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

(800) 964-1947

Scholarship Link

19. Sister Mary Ildephonse Holland Scholarship

Deadline: January 31st

At Mount Mercy University, the Sister Mary Ildephonse Holland Scholarship grants full-tuition coverage to incoming freshmen who have displayed evidence of strong community service commitments, including to end bullying and unfair treatment. Admitted first-year students must pursue a bachelor’s degree full-time, reside on the Cedar Rapids campus, file a FAFSA form, excel academically with a minimum 3.7 GPA, and score above 1240 on the SAT or 26 on the ACT.


Sister Mary Ildephonse Holland Scholarship

1330 Elmhurst Drive NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

(319) 363-8213


Scholarship Link

20. Vigil Bullying Prevention Scholarship

Deadline: March 3rd

The U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union offers members and their relatives the Vigil Bullying Prevention Scholarship for $2,000 each year. It’s designed for high school seniors aged 16 and up who will enroll in full-time undergraduate coursework at accredited two- or four-year colleges this Fall. Scholarship applications must include a parent/guardian release, transcript copies, two letters of recommendation, and a video or essay proposing how students could prohibit bullying as Governor of New Mexico.


Vigil Bullying Prevention Scholarship

5201 Antequera NW

Albuquerque, NM 87120

(505) 890-3357


Scholarship Link

Courageous young adults who’ve stood with fortitude against the serious cultural issue of bullying deserve to be rewarded. New scholarships are popping up every year to help anti-bullying advocates afford rising costs of higher education. Perhaps that’s partly because college graduates with a bachelor’s degree are over 30 percent more likely to regularly volunteer than high school diploma holders according to the BLS. These are 25 anti-bullying scholarships that are doing their part to encourage good citizenship and acceptance of human differences with free tuition money.