Degree Programs at Colorado State University-Global Campus

Colorado State University – Global Campus appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Online Colleges for Business.

Students hoping to earn their degrees online can choose from more than 10 bachelor’s degree programs and more than 20 concentrations when they attend Colorado State University-Global Campus. The university offers majors in several business areas, including project management, human resource management, and business management. Its healthcare administration and management is similar in scope and looks at the administration of healthcare facilities, including hospitals and treatment centers.

The university’s criminal justice major includes 30 credits of core classes that teach students the fundamentals of the criminal justice system and some of the theories used in the field. They start with Introduction to Criminal Justice and then take more advanced classes, including Law Enforcement and American Policing, Laws of Evidence and Application of Criminal Justice Knowledge and Skills, which is a capstone class. Though this is an online program, it includes a traditional practicum that students do in the real world.

Also available from Colorado State University-Global Campus are more than 10 graduate degree programs, including those in management, information technology management, data analytics, and finance. Students in the teaching and learning program learn about the teaching standards used in the country such as the common core and how they access different types of education programs. It includes eight classes such as Learning Theories and Models of Instruction and Evaluation and Assessment. Colorado State University-Global Campus offers other majors for graduate students, including healthcare administration, data analytics, and organizational leadership.

About Colorado State University-Global Campus

Colorado State University – Global Campus is an online university connected to the Colorado State University (CSU) system. The Board of Governors who oversee the operations of that system set aside $12 million, which it loaned to the founders of the university. They named the school CSU – Colorado to show its connection to the state university but later changed its name to CSU – Global to show that it offered opportunities for students outside of the state too. The university was such a success during its early years that it paid back its loan faster than anticipated and now operates with a surplus budget that allows it to offer new degree programs for enrolled students.

One thing that sets CSU – Global apart from other schools is that it primarily offers programs for those who already attended college but did not complete their degrees. Students applying to any of its 14 bachelor’s degree programs must have at least 12 credits that they can transfer into those programs. They can use transfer credits and get credits through some of the special programs offered by the university. One program allows students to take exams and get credits for their scores on those exams. The university also offers 12 degree programs for graduate students and more than 20 concentrations for those programs. As the number of available programs grew, enrollment at CSU – Global climbed to more than 19,000 students.

Colorado State University-Global Campus Accreditation Details

CSU – Global has regional accreditation rather than national accreditation, which is what many online schools have. Any student who wants to transfer credits from or to the university can because of that accreditation. It is also what allows students to seek financial aid. The business management and all other business programs offered by the university have accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). CSU – Global also has accreditation for its project management program.

Colorado State University-Global Campus Application Requirements

There are different application requirements based on whether students apply to a graduate or an undergraduate program. Students applying to an undergrad program must have either a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. They will need to provide a resume that shows they have at least two years of professional experience. Those with less experience can petition the university to start classes. They will need to gain the minimum amount of experience required by the time they reach their second years. The university also requires that undergrads have at least 12 credits that they can transfer from another school and a minimum GPA of 2.3.

Students seeking a graduate degree from the university must have a bachelor’s degree and a GPA of at least 3.0. CSU – Global allows students to apply before they finish their degrees, but they will need to provide official transcripts later to show that they completed their degrees and maintained the minimum GPA required. Students must also write a statement of purpose that describes why they chose CSU – Global and what their goals for the future are. Prospective students will also take a skills assessment exam and submit a resume. The skills assessment exam is available online and asks questions to determine if the student is ready for graduate school. Both undergrads and graduate students will submit the university’s application too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

CSU – Global is one of the more affordable online colleges in the world today. Undergrads pay only $350 per credit hour, which comes out to $1,050 per class or $8,400 each year. Depending on the number of credits they transfer, undergrads will pay between $10,500 and $31,500 to earn their degrees from the university. Graduate students pay $500 per credit hour or $1,500 per class, which equates to $9,000 every year. Most of the university’s graduate programs include 36 to 39 credits of classes and cost students between $18,000 and $19,500 to complete.

Financial aid can include one of the discounts offered by the university. Military students receive a scholarship that gives them $65 per credit hour towards any undergrad program. This reduces therate to $250 per credit hour. Discounts are also available for any student who works for an organization or business that partners with the university. Students can get aid from CSU – Global when they use the FAFSA too. The Pell grant goes to those who take at least 12 credits each semester, and Stafford loans allow students to borrow between $5,500 and $7,500 during their undergrad years and $20,500 each year in their graduate years. Both subsidized and unsubsidized loans are available from the federal government for students enrolled in any of the degree programs available from Colorado State University – Global Campus.

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