Degree Programs Offered at Granite State College

Granite State College appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Online Colleges for Business.

Granite State College offers programs for adults who want to complete their degrees and traditional students who never attended college before. Through the college’s associate degree programs, students can choose from five different subjects and get their degrees in those areas. The general studies program is a popular choice for students who want to work on a bachelor’s degree later. Those in the early childhood education program learn the education methods that teachers use. The college also offers associate degree programs in business, behavioral science and communication sciences and disorders.

Students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree can choose from 20 different majors. The human resource administration major looks at what HR managers do, including how they hire employees and the laws they follow. In the technology management program, students learn how to manage tech resources, including employees who create those products and the components of those products. Students who like the idea of designing their own degrees can enroll in the college’s individualized studies program. This program gives students the freedom to pick which courses they want to take. Other majors include psychology, history, health care management, and human services. Granite State College also offers programs for adults who want to finish the degrees they previously started and certification programs for teachers.

Six degree programs are available online from the college for graduate students. Granite State College made each program 100% online because it understands that professionals have limited time and that they can’t always take traditional classes. The instruction and leadership program is available through its education department and focuses on how to train and instruct teachers. Students with an interest in business can major in leadership, management or project management. There are also two health care programs available. One is a health care management program, and the other is a Master of Science in Nursing, which requires that students already have their nursing licenses.

About Granite State College

Granite State College is a small school in Concord, New Hampshire. Established in 1972, it is one of the four schools that make up the University System of New Hampshire. When founded, the college originally offered programs for nontraditional students. Most of those who initially enrolled were adults who wanted to take college classes after spending some time out of school. Though it still offers a number of those programs today, it also offers options for traditional high school graduates and those who have a GED. Also known as GSC, it has a strong reputation for its affordable degree programs. Between the discounts that it offers and the financial aid packages that students receive, the cost of attendance is quite low.

Though Concord is home to the main campus of the college, GSC also has campuses in seven cities, including Rochester and Manchester. Students can also earn their degrees online or take some of their classes over the internet. U.S. News and World Report included the college on its list of the best online programs for both undergrads and graduate students and ranked those programs within the top 100 of all options in the nation. The U.S. Department of Education also found that it was the most affordable college in New Hampshire. GSC has an enrollment of several thousand students.

Granite State College Accreditation Details

With regional accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), GSC can help students complete their degrees because it can accept the credits they already have. This accreditation is also what allows the college’s students to use federal funds as financial aid. Both the nursing programs offered by the college and its education programs have accreditation also.

Granite State College Application Requirements

GSC has three applications available: one for undergrads, one for grad students and one for those seeking teacher certification. Undergrads can talk to an admissions advisor and fill out the application online. Though it consists of several pages, it is easy to follow. They will then need to request that the college receive transcripts from all the schools they attended. The college evaluates those transcripts and determines which of the credits the student has will transfer. Those applying to a certification program must also submit their transcripts. Those programs only accept students who have their bachelor’s degrees too. GSC allows students to start an undergrad program if they have a GED or a high school diploma.

Graduate students applying to GSC need to either already have a bachelor’s degree or will have one by the time they start their classes. They also need a GPA of 3.0 or higher in all the classes they took or the same GPA over at least their last 60 credits. The college asks for official transcripts and a statement of 500 to 1,000 words that explains why they choose Granite State and any professional goals they have. Prospective students will also need to submit contact information for two references and a resume, though the college does not require a GRE score.

Tuition and Financial Aid

GSC offers both a resident and a nonresident rate. Residents are students who live full-time in New Hampshire and can prove that they lived in the state prior to applying. Those students pay $314 per credit hour as an undergrad and $538 per credit hour as a graduate student. The $314 rate applies to those finishing a degree from the college too. Nonresidents pay $365 per credit hour as an undergrad and $590 per credit hour as a graduate student. Those who are active duty military students qualify for a 15% discount on all their classes. The college offers a 10% discount for alumni who want to earn their graduate degrees from Granite State too.

The FAFSA helps the college determine which types of aid a student should get for the coming school year. Both federal and state grants give students money each year. Many students will also qualify for work-study and/or student loans. The government offers both subsidized loans for undergrads and unsubsidized loans for grad students. Several programs offered by the college provide students with grants and scholarships too, and the college can help students qualify for state programs too. Students enrolling in any of the Granite State College degree programs can use financial aid and discounts.

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