Regent University Degree Programs

Regent University appears in our ranking of theĀ Top 10 Online Colleges for Active Duty Military.

Regent University offers both standard degree programs and online degree programs as well as some options for those who want a simple certificate. It ranks as a good choice for military students because they can earn certificates that will help them improve their ranking within the military. They can also earn degrees that they’ll use while in the military and once they move to civilian life. All of the university’s online programs allow those students to complete their studies as they move to different bases too.

Undergrads can earn degrees in 10 different subject areas. Arts and communications majors can study animation and learn how to create their own animated characters or acting and gain some experience performing on the stage. Those with an interest in business and leadership might focus their studies on business, business analytics, marketing or leadership. Known for its divinity and theology programs, Regent also offers degrees in Christian ministry and Christian leadership as well as Biblical studies. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program has a concentration in counseling and is available as a standard psychology program.

Graduate students have nearly as many program options. They can earn a Master of Arts in either law with a cybersecurity emphasis or national security studies with a cybersecurity emphasis. Its Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling provides students with the skills they need as they work with their own clients and patients. This program includes internships and other types of field experiences. Another popular program awards graduates their Master of Education degrees. It helps students meet the continuing education requirements that many states have for teachers. Regent has a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Public Administration too.

Though many Regent University programs are available offline, many also take place online. Students can earn bachelor’s degrees in communications, political communications, gerontology, psychology, management information systems and cybersecurity among other topics. Some of the online programs the university designed for graduate students include those in journalism, government health care policy and ethics, nonprofit organizations and business. It has a master’s program for law students that allows them to choose between concentrations in human resources law or business law. Regent University also has an RN to BSN online program.

About Regent University

Regent University is a private university in Virginia Beach, Virginia that it is affiliated with the Interdenominational Evangelical Church. The religious leader Pat Robertson established the university in 1977 and called it the Christian Broadcasting Network University. Named for the network he operated, the university offered courses for students interested in broadcasting. Those first few programs became the basis for its School of Communication and the Arts. The university would later move from its original location in Chesapeake to its current location in Virginia Beach. It opened the Center for Professional Studies in 2000 to help students complete the degrees they started at other colleges. This center is now the university’s College of Arts and Sciences and offers full degree programs.

Also known as just Regent, the university maintains its affiliation with Robertson’s church. Most of the students who apply today have Evangelical beliefs. The Founders Inn & Spa is a luxury resort on the university’s campus that welcomes visitors from around the world. Once part of the network itself, the resort now offers practical learning experiences for student workers. The Princeton Review notes the university’s law school as one of the nation’s best, and U.S. News and World Report picked Regent as one of the best colleges in the US. Across all its programs, Regent University has an enrollment of more than 8,000 students.

Regent University Accreditation Details

The full institutional accreditation that Regent University has comes from both the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Students enrolling in some programs will find that the university has specialized accreditation too. That accreditation applies to its programs in nursing, teaching, theology, counseling and legal studies.

Regent University Application Requirements

Regent refers to resident undergrads who will take classes on its Virginia Beach campus. These students must be under the age of 24 and have less than 15 credits that they want to transfer. Students with more credits will complete the transfer application and submit their transcripts. Traditional undergrads will use the Regent application, which has a $50 nonrefundable fee attached. They will also supply official transcripts and an ACT/SAT score. Regent also asks for a copy of the student’s government photo ID and a statement that explains the relationship the student has with God.

Though graduate students will also pay the Regent application fee and submit its application, they must meet the requirements established by each individual department. This can include letters of recommendation from their church leaders, academic references or employers and a resume that shows all their professional and volunteer experiences. Students will also supply copies of their government IDs and transcripts from the schools where they earned their degrees. Any student applying to an online degree program must meet the same requirements that traditional graduate students and undergrads do.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The basic cost of attending Regent University is roughly $17,300 a year for undergrads who are also Virginia residents. Nonresidents pay a slightly higher rate. Students can also pay up to $10,000 or more each year for room and board on the Virginia Beach campus. Graduate students pay the university $13,300 per year, which covers their tuition and all fees. Part-time and online students pay a per credit hour rate and fees that can bring the cost of taking a single class up to $1,000 or more.

To help students afford all the costs they face, Regent University offers financial aid. Many students will want to consider some of the scholarships available to them, including those for the children of ministers and alumni. There is a scholarship program designed for families that provides students with funds because one or more of their siblings are in college at the same time. Regent will also award traditional financial aid that includes government funds and will accept alternative loans and external scholarships. Students applying to any of the degree programs offered by Regent University and those already enrolled can apply for financial aid and receive grants and other funds for the year.

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