University of Southern California

The University of Southern California appears in our ranking of Top 10 Online Colleges for a Healthcare Administration Degree.

Students everywhere enjoy the University of Southern California options because there are many online and traditional programs available for both graduate and undergraduates. For example, students can find accounting programs for both undergraduate (Bachelor of Science) and graduate (Master of Accounting, Master of Business Taxation, Master of Business Administration, and Doctor of Philosophy options.

Students can also find degrees for architecture, both online and traditional. Options include Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Master of Advanced Architectural Studies, Master of Heritage Conservation, and many others. Architectural options also include certificates, such as in landscape architecture, building science, sustainable design, and many others.

USC also offers a variety of online and traditional programs in Art and Design, Business, Cinematic Arts, Dance, Communication/Journalism, Dentistry, Education, Dramatic Arts, Gerontology, Engineering, Law, Music, Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Professional Studies, and Social Work.

Online graduate programs include Business and Accounting (which includes Global Supply Chain Management, Business Taxation, and Business Administration); Computer Science (which includes Computer Security, Data Science, Software Engineering and graduate certificate in Software Architecture); Communication; Heathcare Administration; Dentistry (which includes orofacial pain/oral medicine, Certificate in Orofacial Pain, Geriatric Dentistry, and Certificate in Oral Clinical Pathology/Radiology); Education/Teaching (which includes Master of Art in Teaching, Learning Design/Technology, Gifted Education credentials, special education credentials, and more); Design; Science; Engineering (which can include mechanical/aerospace engineering, astronautical engineering, biomedical engineering, petroleum/chemicals/materials engineering, electrical engineering, civil/environmental engineering, systems architecting/engineering, and industrial/systems engineering.; Geographic Information Science (GIS); health/medicine; Law; Gerontology; pharmacy; library science; psychology; professional studies and social work; among others. All online graduate programs award students with a Master’s degree upon completion.

About the University of Southern California

In the 1870s, Los Angeles had been a frontier town, which is when Judge Robert Widney and many other citizens dreamed of having a university in the area. It took about a decade for their vision to become reality, but Widney did form the board of trustees in 1879 and secured 308 land lots from three community members, including former governor John G. Downey, Orzo W. Childs, and Isaias W. Hellman.

The opened their doors officially to 10 teachers and 53 students in 1880, even before electric lights, paved streets, and telephones were available. Today, USC houses more than 4,800 full-time faculty members and 44,000 students.

University of Southern California Accreditation Details

The University of Southern California is accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). They have been accredited since 1949. This is considered a regional accreditation, which means they are held accountable to higher education standards. WASC is just one of six regional organizations that are recognized by the Department of Education. Because of this accreditation, USC can apply for federal student aid options. In addition, many USC programs and schools have professional or specialized accreditation, as well.

University of Southern California Application Requirements

The application requirements for the University of Southern California starts with students who have multiple passions and interests. They tend to want to impact the world. USC focuses on students who might thrive at their location. The process is designed to help students tell their story, ensuring that they can help students take advantage of all that is to offer. They are like many selective universities in that they conduct a holistic and comprehensive review of the student’s application. They look at the student’s school performance, program rigor, test scores, and writing skills. They also look at the student’s personal quality, which are revealed through involvement in the community.

First-year students must complete their application and a writing supplement. The school also needs the student’s ACT or SAT scores. It is also important that students request their transcript from their high school and any other colleges they have attended. Students should request a letter of recommendation from a teacher or school counselor, though applicants for the School of Cinematic Arts need three letters of recommendation. Some majors also require that students have a resume, portfolio, or additional writing samples.

Students must adhere to all appropriate deadlines for their major and follow the application directions appropriately. In the past, interviews were held before admittance, but that is no longer a requirement. Students can talk to their admission counselor to ask questions and get a better idea of the application process.

Graduate students must also follow all deadlines and application instructions. They must also complete their GMAT or GRE tests for their desired program, send in a resume, and have their recommendation letters.

Online students must follow the graduate student admission rules.

Many times, USC students are successful when they pursue their intellectual and professional goals through studying many disciplines and utilizing diverse programs that are available. It is essential that students move outside the comfort zone periodically to learn new things and invest in their future.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and fees can vary depending on the program the student desires, but undergraduates who take 12 to 18 units can expect to pay about $26,700 a semester while graduate students with 15 to 18 units can expect to pay about the same. However, if a student chooses dentistry, law, medicine, and others, they can expect to pay about $31,000 a semester.

There are also fees involved, such as the application fee ($80-$90), commitment deposit for freshmen, new student fees, health services and more. Other fees are specialized and may be estimated, such as parking fees, commuter fees, and fees for off-campus residents. There can also be laboratory fees, student ID card fees, dissertation fees, thesis fees, and transcript fees. Along with such, late registration fees may also come into play.

Financial aid is available to students who qualify. The University of Southern California is need-blind, which means they don’t select people based on their ability to pay. Therefore, students can get financial aid and almost two-thirds of students in 2017 received financial assistance of some kind. Students may receive loans and scholarships that they can discuss with their parents. The University of Southern California can help students get money to pay for college, ensuring that they can pursue higher education.

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