How is the Job Outlook for MBA GradsBusiness degrees are always beneficial for individuals interested in careers in business, and the MBA is no exception. MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees are highly respected in the business work, and the job outlook for MBA graduates continues to be very good. In fact, many would say it’s never been a better time to earn an MBA. Earning an MBA is a good choice for an aspiring business professional as well as someone already working in a business setting but looking to advance his or her education. Here are some of the top jobs for MBA grads as well as information on their job outlook.

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Product Manager

Product manager is an excellent job or an MBA grad because they’re very common in the technology field, and technology is in almost every industry in some form or another. In fact, almost every business is turning into a technology business, and product managers are an important part of their workforce. Of all the jobs that require an MBA, product manager, and senior product managers are among the top ten in-demand jobs. Product managers do what their name implies; manage products. They work in all areas of production, including development, financing, and marketing. The number of MBA grads pursuing product manager jobs is increasing each year.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Computer and information systems managers, also referred to as IT project managers, develop, coordinate and oversee an organization’s computer-based projects and activities. They also determine the company’s technology goals and are in charge of making sure those goals are met. Although some computer and information systems managers are hired with bachelor’s degrees, many organizations prefer their managers have MBAs. Depending on the company, an MBA may be a requirement. Computer and information systems managers are predicted to see job growth of 11 percent during the 2018-2028 decade. This number is expected to result in about 46,800 new jobs created by 2028 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Financial Manager

Financial managers are an important commodity for any business because the business relies on the expertise and knowledge of financial managers to help them grow and remain financially successful and profitable. Financial managers are in charge of all of the company’s financial transactions and activities. They determine the company’s potential and help the company meet its goals through capital growth, mergers and global transactions. Job growth of 16 percent is predicted for financial managers by 2028. Students interested in careers as financial managers often earn an MBA with a concentration in finance as well as industry certifications.

How is the Job Outlook for MBA Grads


Consultants are an important part of a business project because they offer their expertise to companies trying to learn new processes or facing new issues. Consultants, aka management consultants, strive to improve a company’s long-term goals while making them more profitable and efficient in their day-to-day business operations. A large number of MBS grads pursue jobs as consultants. Some consultants work independently, while others may work as part of a consultant team. The BLS predicts job growth of 14 percent for consultants by 2026.

Health Services Manager

The healthcare industry is an extremely large field and one that’s growing bigger every year. The best way for the healthcare industry to be profitable and run smoothly is to have an efficient and knowledgeable health services manager. Their job is to make sure the company is in compliance with government and medical rules and regulations. They also oversee the work of the medical professionals working there. Individuals pursuing this job may choose an MBA with a concentration in health services management. The bureau predicts job growth of 18 percent for these professionals.


With so many different fields and jobs from which to choose, the MBA degree continues to be a popular choice for many. Every year the number of students pursuing MBAs seems to increase. One of the main reasons is because the job outlook is excellent for MBA grads.

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