Is it Possible to Get a College Degree While Actively Serving in the MilitaryMany young men and women in the United States military joined on the hope of a college degree for active military soldiers, while others joined and found themselves considering the option. The active-duty service that draws many of our nation’s best requires dedication and attention, leading many to wonder if it is possible to complete their education while they are passionately applying themselves to meeting our nation’s highest standards.

Decades ago, this challenge would have been greater than it is today. However, the development of technology, as well as the flexibility of educational institutions, have made this less of a challenge. Today, it is much easier for one to serve their country at the same time as they serve their future self. Completing a college degree has great benefit for those serving for their income potential, both in service and in civilian life, as a military degree could lead to admission to an officer academy or a professional job. Therefore, it benefits those serving and those considering serving to be aware of what educational options are available to them.

Credits For Service

Many soldiers do not know that they can get college credits for what they already learned and what they do in their military jobs. The American Council on Education works with the Department of Defense to identify how those training skills would translate to college credits.

Online and Distance Learning

However, experience credits will only go so far. The soldier will need to take college coursework to complete the degree and to satisfy the necessary training in order to successfully apply their education to their desired career outcomes. Taking courses takes time, and the soldier who works from sunrise to sunset on many days could wonder how they can finish their degree with their workday. Distance education is one way that this is possible, and it can be done with just a little time invested in the evenings or weekends. says that “thousands of duty standing, single parent, and even deployed members earn their college degrees each year using online education.”

Funds Available

The military is not opposed to this side training. In fact, the military WANTS soldiers to complete their degree and offers them money for their college degree for active military pursuits. The reality is that military service is temporary, whether it be for a few years or a few decades, and the government that gratefully accepts the sacrifices of their members wants them to be educationally prepared for what comes next.


A military life is a focused life, and it comes with great time and geography limitations. However, the increase in technology and flexibility of the educational systems of the day makes it much easier for active duty soldiers to complete their educational goals and prepare themselves for a more abundant military life or life after service.

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