Great Apps for College StudentsApps for College Students

  • StudyBlue Flashcards
  • SelfControl
  • Mint
  • Engineering Pro
  • Munch 5-A-Day

College is a great time for intellectual and personal growth. However, a student who wants to fully enjoy their time at university seeks out the tools that will help them to improve their academic performance, stay organized, and maintain their stamina for lengthy study periods. Here are five software applications (apps) that are highly beneficial to college students who are now managing their own lives for the first time.

StudyBlue Flashcards

Many full-time college students feel overwhelmed by their academic course loads soon after they arrive on campus. This is definitely the time for them to work smarter instead of harder. StudyBlue is a unique learning platform that allows students to create custom flashcards and quizzes. Because the creators of StudyBlue recognized that students learn in different ways, they designed the digital learning tool with features that allow students to create study materials using text, audio, and graphics. StudyBlue also allows students to access study materials that were created by their peers and even some educators. The platform can be accessed via a traditional website or a mobile app so that students can test their skills on a variety of subjects virtually anywhere. The app is marketed to work on all Apple and Android devices.


Young people are certainly not the only ones who are addicted to online distractions like social media outlets and Youtube, but succumbing to those diversions in one’s university years can lead to poor academic performance and limited professional opportunities later. Mac users can download an app that is called SelfControl which allows them to block access to certain websites on their computers and mobile devices for specified periods of time. This app is ideal for regular study group participants, students who work on detailed projects, and those who must cram for exams. By using SelfControl, websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit can be totally inaccessible for a set time even if the user decides to reboot their computer.


Most financially responsible college students are on extremely tight budgets. Mint is an app that was designed to help improve everyone’s quality of life through its sound money management features. A student can link their financial aid payments and bank account to Mint and gain a big picture view of their overall financial situation. The app provides students with information regarding their credit scores and ways that they can invest any extra money that they manage to save while working at college internships and other part-time jobs. While some people are skeptical about giving Mint or any other organization access to their banking information, Mint’s executive leaders reassure the public that the company uses the same encryption technology as regulated financial institutions.

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Engineering Pro

Government agencies, industry, and education advocates all encourage as many students as possible to major in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) subjects as undergraduates. Because of the relatively high return on investment, many students choose to major in one of the engineering disciplines. Engineering Pro is an Apple app that contains over 700 formulas that students can use to solve chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering problems. The app allows students to save frequently used formulas as favorites, and the software is ideal for engineering students who must demonstrate mastery of concepts that pertain to multiple engineering disciplines.

Munch 5-A-Day

Without home-prepared meals and mothers’ reminders to eat some vegetables, many college students participate in classes and extra-curricular activities without the proper nutrition to do their best work. The Munch 5-A-Day app by Apple allows students to plan their meals to include healthy produce and track actual results. Students can maintain monthly progress reports so that they can improve their eating habits over time. Analytical types will be able to assess to what extent clean, healthy eating impacts their academic and collegiate sports performance. The Munch 5-A-Day app helps students to establish healthy eating habits that will provide a lifetime of benefits.


Society has high expectations for today’s college students, and digital learning tools and platforms like the ones that are described above are designed to help these students to exceed those expectations. The fact that many of these apps are free or low-cost is an added bonus.

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