Do Online Classes Go on my College TranscriptIf you’re enrolled in online college courses, there will come a time where you will need to order your online college transcripts. If you are trying to advance your career by earning your degree, applying for a job, or applying for licensing within a specific field, you are required to submit your official academic transcripts. This document records a variety of different pieces of information that is valuable to employers and higher education institutions. Whether you need official transcripts for a college transfer or a job, it is important to understand what will be listed on the document as well as the process of requesting a transcript to be sent.

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What is Included on an Official College Transcript?

All institutions offering higher education programs, both traditional and online, are required to keep a detailed record of your academic history. This detailed record is maintained and stored by the school and can be ordered, many times for a fee, at the office of Records and Admissions. If you have a diploma, or you have completed a large portion of your college courses, this can be verified through your transcript.

The record will include a list of the courses, both on-campus and online, that you have completed. In addition to listing courses, the transcript will also include your grades for each class and the semester in which the courses were completed. The transcript, which is also referred to as a ledger, will also show your enrollment dates and your attendance. Your Grade Point Average for your entire college career will be listed, and most documents will state whether or not you are in good standing as a student. If you have completed any courses at other colleges and universities, these courses may be listed in a separate section as long as the other institution sent an office transcript to your primary school.

How Can You Request Your Online College Transcripts

Upon the completion of online college courses, you may need to request your official transcripts. If you have attended a college that provides only online courses, you may have to make your request online through the institution’s website. In most cases, you can order your copies complete with an official seal through the student platform on the website. You may even have the option to print out unofficial transcripts for your own records, and some employers may accept this as proof of completion of a degree program.

When you order your transcripts, you may be asked to pay a fee. Most schools will send alumni 1 transcript for free, and the additional copies will cost between $3 and $20. You can request that the transcripts are send to your home or another address. The site should also detail how long it will take to process your request, which is typically 3 to 7 days. If there is a campus near your home, you can request a copy in person for a faster turnaround time.


Be aware that many schools will withhold your transcripts if you have an outstanding balance. When you are aware that you will need your online college transcripts, contact the Registrar’s office and ask about the process in advance; this ensures you get the record you need with time to spare.

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