What Are Some Good Professional Organizations for Healthcare AdministratorsWith constant changes in legislation and fast-paced advances in the field of healthcare, it’s crucial for administrators and students in the field to seek out resources and services offered by good professional organizations for healthcare administrators. Professional organizations and associations are societies that offer members engaged in field-specific benefits, offer grants, certify professionals who demonstrate competence and regulate standard of practice or conduct.

There are various types of associations that engage members or impact the field of healthcare administration in positive ways. Not all of these organizations will offer the same benefits or perform the same functions.

The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management

Any healthcare administrator knows that working as a revenue cycle professional in the healthcare field can be extremely challenging. The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management, which was founded in 1968, is the only professional membership society that represents professionals in regulatory monitoring and also focuses on providing real-world answers to continuous revenue cycle issues.

While not associations perform all of the functions above, the AAHAM offers members access to 32 local chapters in the US and allows professionals to network with other administrators. Students can receive invitations to scholarship programs and education doesn’t stop after school. In addition to unlimited networking opportunities, the AAHAM offers certification designations for proficient administrations who pass Compliance Technician or Revenue Cycle tests.

The American College of Healthcare Executives

Some administrators are attracted to the largest professional organization in the field because they work as an executive currently or their career goals are to at one point become a Chief Executive Officer. The American College of Healthcare Executives plays a huge role in the advancement of the field and offers to credentialing services that can help executives distinguish themselves as Fellows of the ACHE.

In addition to credentialing, the association offers endless educational opportunities in face-to-face and distance education settings along with accreditation of Healthcare Management college degree programs. Executives looking to advance into a board of directors role can access the job center and career planning resources where members can search jobs or post their resume for others to see while mapping out the path to becoming a healthcare CEO.

The American College of Healthcare Administrators

The American College of Healthcare Administrators has a long-standing history in the administration field as it was founded in 1962. Like many of the top associations on this list, the ACHA offers educational programming with mentoring services and resources, along with certification opportunities for current administrators who work in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

The opportunity to apply and test to become CALA or CNHA certified is a benefit that is unique to the ACHA, but there are far more benefits that can be taken advantage of. Chapters all over the US have different events and meetings to keep administrators, certified or not, connected. For professionals still completing their studying, there are 4 different annual scholarships just for early career administrators.


These are just some of the top associations to consider joining. When selecting, administrators or graduate students should consider their current career goals and which benefits will be most beneficial. The best professional organizations for healthcare administrators will have the same vision and values as its members.

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