What Are Some Good Scholarships That You Can Use at an Online CollegeThe process of acquiring a degree has been made easy particularly with access to the Internet. Many colleges and universities offer online degree programs in just about every labor sector.

One of the advantages of attending college online is the cost reduction.  However, for those who have not achieved their financial goals, online degree programs can still present financial challenges. Many students still find themselves taking out student loans to finance their online education. Another alternative is scholarships. Listed below is a list of scholarship foundations that offer funding for online degree programs.

Get Educated Distance Learning Scholarship

The Get Educated Distance Learning scholarship program awards funding to eligible students bi-annually. Students who have at least a 3.0 grade point avergae may apply. Applications for this scholarship are accepted throughout the year and the deadlines are October 15 and March 15. Scholarships are awarded in the amount of $1,000 each and there is no stipulation regarding the college or university a student desires to attend. However, the degree program must be offered at an accredited online university or college.


This online degree resource directory offers students who are interested in completing an associate, bachelors, or a masters degree an opportunity to apply for a $500 scholarship. One scholarship is awarded annually and students must apply by April 1. Students interested in pursuing an associate degree in liberal arts, legal assisting, social sciences, health sciences, business management, information technology, electrical engineering, elementary education, graphic design, or general studies may apply.

DegreeDirectory.org also accepts applications from students pursuing a bachelors degree in social sciences, nursing, computer science, communications, business administration, psychology, technology management, accounting, health science, and political science. Graduate level students can apply for a DegreeDirectory.org scholarship if the area of career interest is in business administration, psychology, information technology, nursing, civil engineering, healthcare management, education, or public health.

AFCEA Distance Learning/Online Scholarship

This scholarship foundation offers full-time students who are already enrolled in an online degree program specifically in their second year of studies an opportunity to receive funding. The award amount is $2,000 and eligible students must have completed 30 credit hours prior to submitting an AFCEA scholarship application. Students must also submit two letters of recommendation along with the application.

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

This scholarship is available for international graduate students who are enrolled in or planning to enroll in a United Kingdom university that offers an online degree program. Eligible students must be a citizen of a commonwealth country or Great Britain. There are currently 17 universities within the Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships partnership. For more details visit here.


As the opportunities for online degree programs continues to expand, the availability of scholarships for distance learning programs will likely increase. However, the discovery of funding requires persistence in submitting applications in order to meet educational goals. The acquisition of scholarships can be obtained by following the scholarship application guidelines.

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