What are Some Popular Degree Programs for Active Duty MilitaryLooking at the most popular degree programs for active duty military students is a great way to find out which degrees will benefit you while in the military as well as when you retire. Many schools now offer military programs that let you take classes online and continue with your studies as your enlistment status changes and as you travel to and work on bases around the world. Those schools make it easy for you to take time off when needed and then come back to work on your degree in one of these fields too.


A popular option for some in the military is business because they want to open their own companies once they retire. Undergraduate business programs do a good job of teaching you about various aspects of working in the business industry. You’ll learn how to follow state and local laws regarding hiring practices, the types of benefits that employees look for when applying for jobs and the impact of business in the global economy. Some programs let you select a concentration in entrepreneurship, which will help you run a business of your own.


Working as a writer, a college professor or for a museum as an archivist are just some of the things that you can do with a history degree. Depending on the college that you choose, you may find that the school offers a degree or a concentration in military history that looks at some of the successful campaigns used by military forces in the past. As a history major, you’ll develop strong research and writing skills that can help you move up through the administrative ranks in the military and in other jobs once you retire.


Accounting is another popular choice for military students because they know that this type of degree can help them find a high paying job later. These programs usually include classes in economics and finance in addition to accounting. You’ll learn the basics of filing taxes for individuals and corporations, the ethical issues found in the field and how to use accounting software. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median pay for an accountant is more than $68,000 a year. The BLS also believes that the need for accountants will grow by 10% in the future, which is faster than the national average across all jobs.

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Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is one of the more popular degree programs for active duty military students. Once you leave the military, you can use this degree and your skills to find a position within the criminal justice field. You might decide to work for a government department or agency like the FBI or DHS, but you can also open your own security firm or work for private firms. Many of the top programs today let you learn about cyber security too, which is a growing problem around the world. Those programs focus on the potential threats found online from hackers, terrorists and other criminals.

You do not need to decide between enlisting in a branch of the military or going to school because you can now do both. Some of the more popular degree programs for active duty military let you major in criminal justice, accounting, business or history and will let you take classes online.