5 Blogs About College Life

Higher Education Blogs

  • Eduwonk
  • Minding the Campus
  • Open Education
  • Higher Education Today
  • The Torch

Higher education is constantly changing. There are always new developments and lessons to be learned. Comprehending academia is essential to getting ahead in society. To remain abreast of the progression, here are five blogs concerning higher education.

1. Eduwonk

Eduwonk is a blog written by Andrew Rotherham, publisher of Education Sector, an independent research organization. This site follows and reports on the most recent education developments and is directed toward anyone curious about these issues. It offers links to dozens of related resources, and readers can always expect full disclosure on every discussion. Each topic is written after thorough research has been completed. The editor welcomes readers to provide feedback and to recommend ideas for future articles.

2. Minding the Campus

Minding the Campus is a blog that explores the traditions of a liberal education and how they can be bought back. Today, there is an obvious divide between the “academy” and society. Inside the academy, the protection of certain ideas has topped discussions and a search for the truth. This blog expresses the belief that there should be no easy answers in schools. It hopes to offer an engaging debate for readers who are worried about the condition of modern college life. Fresh and original content is provided alongside articles from well-established magazines and less-visible publications, which foster the possibility for discussion and change.

3. Open Education

Open Education tracks changes in today’s educational environment. Thanks to the Internet, many challenges face educators. This blog offers an objective and subjective view of the issues facing the education profession. Thomas Hanson, the blog’s editor, has 31 years of experience in the learning industry. He is excited to share his ideas on the demands that challenge teachers and families when it comes to learning. With his background, he feels teaching is one of the most difficult and vital jobs in existence. He explains the expectations of schools are higher than ever, and students’ challenges are more significant as well. Open Education takes a community approach where everyone is welcome to participate.

4. Higher Education Today

Started in 2013, the Higher Education Today blog is maintained by the American Council on Education. It focuses on various topics that revolve around subjects related to present-day higher education and how they affect the public. This blog allows the community to participate in discussions and debate essential issues facing learning institutions and students. Recently, discussions have included Pell grant funding, tax proposals, and other relevant issues. Administrators gain opportunities to learn from colleagues and become knowledgeable about emerging innovative teaching methods.

5. The Torch

The Torch is a blog written by The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). FIRE was founded by Alan Charles Kors, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and Harvey Silvergate, a Boston civil liberties lawyer. This blog is meant to educate the public about how to defend and sustain an individual’s rights at American colleges, including religious liberties, free speech, and gender equality. It discusses topics that face students every day and fights to uphold constitutional rights that are challenged by society.

Thanks to advancements in technology, changing economic climate, and varying student demographics, America’s higher education is evolving at a fast pace. To keep up with the issues facing colleges in this country, there are a few helpful sources available. The mentioned blogs cover key topics and raise important questions about where education is headed in the future. Professors, students, and administrators will find them to be valuable tools filled with useful information.

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