Careers With a Bachelor’s Degree in GovernmentGovernment Careers

  • Court Manager
  • Housing Development Manager
  • Policy Analyst
  • Contracts Specialist
  • Complaint Investigator

The careers with a bachelor’s degree in government span almost every field of business. A degree in government teaches students about political institutions, processes, and relations in the U.S. Students are introduced to
tools that help them to better evaluate, advance, and manage government programs and departments. Students will also cultivate skills related to analytical writing, organizational methodology, and project management.

Court Manager

A court manager serves as an administrator of the judicial services and clerk magistrates. They perform a variety of responsibilities regarding the planning, organizing, staffing, and supervising of court administrative activities. Their work is usually performed under the direction of the appointed state court administrator. They provide administrative services for non-judicial activities within the court system. They interpret and execute statutory mandates, federal rules, and personnel procedural policies. They manage the court’s budget, oversee all expenditures, and supervise the financial aspects of court operations. They prepare and disseminate financial, statistical, and other administrative reports to government leaders.

Housing Development Manager

Housing development managers facilitate the development and implementation of community housing strategies. They locate funding, secures resources, and provide referrals in order to address individual, family, and neighborhood housing issues. They supervise, train, and evaluate assigned staff. They handle employee concerns, direct work assignments, complete employee performance appraisals, and counsel and discipline employees when necessary. Housing development managers receive, compile, and share statistical data to monitor the effectiveness of programs. They document specific needs for program funding requests, develop databases of housing information, and monitor local employment trends and job skill gaps.

Policy Analyst

Government policy analysts review policies and programs to identify needs and develop corresponding programs to address identified problem areas. They provide direction to department managers by establishing clear facts and recommending attainable goals. They assess programs, measure outcomes, and evaluate personnel performances. Policy analysts direct and guide managers in developing new objectives for performance-based management programs. They may also review finance guidelines, funding regulations, and state agency contracts and policies. Some policy analysts review approved and denied grant applications for federal and state funds to ensure consistency and accuracy. They may administer internal audits of funding sources, operations budget, and division expenditures.

Contracts Specialist

Contract specialists perform a variety of duties. Some focus on lean principles and process improvements, so they may reduce the cost of government operations. Others may focus on quality and customer service, so they strive to deliver exceptional contract management services. Still, some focus on the legal and technical aspects of procurement policies and outsourcing directives. Contact specialists may post online opportunities for qualified vendor distribution and contract services. They may conduct pre-bid meetings to address concerns, answer questions, and provide direction to bidders. Some contract specialists evaluate bids to determine price specifications, necessary contract actions, environmental considerations, and performance requirements.

Complaint Investigator

Complaint investigators may work in very different government agencies. Some may investigate consumer complaints, but others may investigate housing discrimination complaints. For example, an insurance investigator will conduct preliminary investigations of complaints alleging violations of state insurance codes. This generally involves licensed entities and unlicensed individuals operating throughout the state. They respond to email, website, telephone, mail, and in-person requests. They gather facts from credible sources, conduct interviews, review insurance practices, and analyze insurance forms and service agreements.

The careers with a bachelor’s degree in government include business systems managers. These professionals work closely with operations and technical teams to coordinate the installation, configuration, and testing of new technology solutions. Anyone who wants to search for a federal job can use the USAJobs search engine.

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