5 of the Most Popular Online Bachelor's Degrees

Popular Online Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Business Administration
  • Psychology
  • Nursing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Teachers

When it comes to an online bachelor’s degrees, there are a few programs that are incredibly popular. The reason they’re popular depends on the program itself. Some are easy to complete while others are the key to a fantastic career. They all can be taken completely online, which makes them easier than attending on campus.

Business Administration

This is one online degree program that is incredibly popular. Most career paths can benefit from a background in business. The principles of business can be translated to almost every field from accounting to marketing to sales. There are classes for each of those fields too. The student will learn how to advertise goods and sell them as well as how to do the accounting for selling those goods. This can also lead to entrepreneurship. A bachelor’s degree in business can truly be a benefit to many careers.


Attending online courses for psychology opens doors to a variety of positions. The holder of a bachelor’s degree in psychology can get into the field of human services where they can help others. It’s a field with plenty of growth in the future. It’s expected to grow 19 percent in the next 7 to 10 years with psychologists receiving a median pay of $75,230 annually. The student studying psychology doesn’t have to be a psychologist, he or she can work in areas like career development, interpersonal relationships and abnormal behavior.


A degree in nursing can get you a registered nurse position in a variety of settings. It’s a degree that can be secured in an online program, which is great for nurses who want to advance their career while still working full time. Nurses have to advance with the technology that helps them do their jobs well. This means digital technology that helps them keep track of patient data management is essential. It’s a career with low unemployment rates and a salary of approximately $65,200.

Criminal Justice

This career path is one that combines a variety of academic courses into one degree. The criminal justice student studying online will touch upon sociology, science and psychology topics. This is because the degree can be utilized by those who want to be investigators as well as forensic scientists. A position in criminal justice takes many forms and will depend entirely on the student’s interests. You could work at a federal level in the FBI or at a city level with the local police department.


With the Internet, teachers can obtain their teaching degree online as well as apply their education to areas like online tutoring or distance learning. Teachers with a bachelor’s degree can work with small children in elementary school, high school students or children in between. There are also special education positions where the teacher will be working with special needs children. English as a second language is training that is in high demand for teachers. This is a degree that can be obtained online and applied online as well in certain situations.

These are some of the most popular online bachelor’s degrees because they can be obtained entirely from home. This gives working students the ability to advance their careers while handling financial and family obligations.

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