Food Blogs for College Students on a BudgetFive Great Food Blogs for College Students

  • Stone Soup
  • The 99 Cent Chef
  • Struggle Meals
  • $5 Dinners
  • The Law Student’s Wife

Being a college student requires thrift for a lot of reasons. In addition to the expense of college itself, most students can’t work a full-time job while they’re in school and continue to excel academically – resulting in a great many students living in poverty while they’re engaged in study. According to Forbes, many college students have little experience handling money on their own, making budgeting that much more of a struggle.

Food is one of the largest expenses of living, but eating healthfully doesn’t have to be out of reach for college students. Here are five food blogs for students on a budget.

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  1. Stone Soup

    Stone Soup, run by foodie blogger Jules Clancy, offers a wide range of recipes that can be made with five or fewer ingredients. What’s more, the blog provides ample advice on meal planning, brown-bagging, and keeping leftovers fresh and healthy. Stone Soup focuses on making meals out of fresh and accessible ingredients and is especially handy for students who don’t mind cooking in bulk.

  2. The 99 Cent Chef

    This humorous food blog will have college students eating cheap gourmet-style meals in no time. Billy Vasquez, who runs the blog, specializes in recipes that cost either ninety-nine cents per meal or even per pound and illustrates a wide array of ingredients that can be bought cheaply in addition to using seasonal fare to save money throughout the year.

  3. Struggle Meals

    Struggle Meals is more a vlog than a blog, but still worth mentioning – and watching. Produced by Tastemade, Struggle Meals is hosted by Frankie Celenza, who illustrates easy techniques and ingredients to work with to cook tasty, uncomplicated meals for two bucks a plate or less. For students who might not have a lot of time to cook (and that’s most!) Struggle Meals is an easily digestible show providing fantastic info on how to cook good food on a strict budget.

  4. $5 Dinners

    Exactly what it sounds like, $5 Dinners focuses on meal planning and healthy eating for five dollars per plate or less. Food blogger Erin Erin Chase not only shares brilliant and nutritious recipes for all meals (including desserts!), but shares cooking and cutting techniques and useful tips to use when shopping for fresh foods.

  5. The Law Student’s Wife

    A useful blog for students who may not be on quite as tight a budget, the Law Student’ Wife – written by blogger Erin – offers up great gourmet budget recipes using seasonal ingredients and easily accessible foodstuffs. The Law Student’s Wife typically features recipes for dinner as well as desserts.

No matter the budget, each and every one of these blogs offers fantastic recipes and food preparation tips for college students of every stripe – and can help ensure that every student eats well while pursuing a college degree.

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