5 Great Podcasts for Psychology Majors

Psychology Majors Podcasts

  • Psychology in Seattle
  • Hidden Brain
  • The Psychology Podcast
  • Shrink Rap Radio
  • Mental Illness Happy Hour

Psychology podcasts are a great way for psychology majors to brush up on the basics or to explore the far reaches of their field in bite-sized pieces. There are a huge number of excellent ones out there, ranging from academic perspectives to intensely personal experiences with mental illness. These five are some of the best podcasts from all across the spectrum.

Psychology in Seattle

Hosted by Dr. Kirk Honda and his layman friend Humberto, this podcast is a great mix of information and pure entertainment. Dr. Honda on his own is a well of knowledge, and the two of them together can be absolutely hilarious. Their conversations aren’t too formal for the average person to understand, but they still manage to be consistently informative and engaging. Dr. Honda covers a wide range of topics and has a talent for seeing the world through different perspectives with compassion and an open mind. Overall, these two have created one of the more engaging and inspiring psychology podcasts for listeners at any level of knowledge.

Hidden Brain

If you think you understand the basic forces at play in your day to day life, think again. Host Shankar Vedantam deconstructs some of the most fascinating topics in the social sciences and human behavior, ranging from universal experiences like boredom and romance along with special cases like the forces that might lead a young person into terrorist organizations. Psychology majors will appreciate his uncompromising intellectual rigor at the expense of sensationalism. But that is not to say that the podcast is not engaging. Vedantam always provides a balanced take on the issues he addresses, but he does a great job mixing in humor and explaining complex topics simply.

The Psychology Podcast

Each episode, host Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman brings in an expert to talk about topics on the cutting edge of modern psychology, such as altered states of consciousness that athletes and technological innovators experience, improv comedy from a psychological perspective, and the inner life of a psychopath. Kaufman puts an emphasis on creativity, its benefits, and the psychology behind it. This podcast is not for beginners. Dr. Kaufman and his guests sometimes casually throw around technical terms, but psychology majors who know the basics will find this insightful podcast a great way to stay up to date on the happenings in the psychological world.

Shrink Rap Radio

David Van Nuys has been in the podcasting game for a long time, so between Shrink Rap Radio and his previous show, Wise Counsel, he has a massive catalog of episodes. This podcast includes topics that even psychology majors might not have known existed like parapsychology, the psychological study of paranormal phenomena. Dr. Dave has a natural ability to coax the information out of his expert guests without imposing too much of his own personality or beliefs on the conversation, and so he gathers a wide range of opinions. This psychology podcast tends toward a Jungian approach and delves into spirituality at times, without sacrificing scientific rigor.

Mental Illness Happy Hour

Host Paul Gilmartin has long been a comedian, and in recent years his podcast has become a huge success. This series focuses less on the academic side of psychology and more on personal stories of mental problems such as depression, addiction and gender identity. Gilmartin’s wonderful acceptance of all people fosters an intimate mood and allows his guests to expose their vulnerability. The result is a raw and sometimes even painfully powerful look at the experience of mental illness. But as a comedian, Gilmartin keeps the mood gentle and fun as needed. The Mental Illness Happy Hour is a great way for psychology majors who are deep in the abstraction of academia to get a real look at the battlefield where psychology does its work.

These podcasts provide a comprehensive picture of the way psychology governs various aspects of the world. There is an endless supply of great psychology podcasts for majors to delve into, but these five will keep students busy.

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